The One Thing That You MUST Do
Before Going on Any Diet

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Before beginning ANY diet there is one thing that you MUST do!

Your weight gain could be attributed to something other than overeating, or a hidden problem could be the very thing that is causing you to overeat.

So the one thing that you must do before beginning any diet is to see your family doctor.

What will happen at the doctor's office besides receiving a bill bigger than King Kong?

Ruling Out Pregnancy Before Dieting

For one, pregnancy will be ruled out. Anyone who is pregnant (even men) should NEVER consider going on ANY type of diet without a physician's approval. Period! (or should that be 'no period'?)

Make Certain You Aren't Diabetic

Diabetes is another shadow walker when it comes to being overweight. You may not even realize you have it until symptoms appear such as sudden weight loss, excessive thirst, sticky urine, cystitis, muscle weakness, fatigue, blurred vision, and an entire list of other malaises.

The only good thing about these symptoms is the weight loss, but good things never come in the form of Diabetes. Kidney damage, heart damage, blindness, pancreatic problems, skin problems - eeeekkk! It isn't pretty.

That is why it is so important to get on top of this disease in the beginning.

Get High Blood Pressure in Check

Next comes 'The Silent Killer', and we aren't talking about the person in the elevator who ate beans the evening before. High Blood Pressure can pump up your little arteries bigger than an Arnold bicep!

The symptoms are generally silent, i.e. 'The Silent Killer'. Many times, high blood pressure can be controlled through weight loss and exercise, but if yours is exceptionally high, your physician may place you on medication before you begin your weight loss quest.

However,as you lose weight and get fit, chances are that you may just be able to drop those meds. Your physician will monitor your progress and be your decision-maker in this area.

Your pulse rate will also be checked because it offers clues to your state of health.

A healthy individual's pulse rate is generally much lower than an individual who is 'not in the best of shape'.

The low rate means that the heart is working more efficiently while simultaneously using less power. Cool, eh? You didn't know you were a walking nuclear plant, did you?

Gland Health, Including Healthy Thyroid Which Impacts Metabolism

Your physician will examine your throat, and your neck. The throat is like a mini-landmine, loaded with lymph nodes! The physician will be checking for anything out of the ordinary, such as a swollen gland.

A thyroid test may be recommended. An off-kilter thyroid can be a chief cause of weight gain.

Problems arise due to an insufficient amount of hormone production. Other complaints include tiredness, dry skin, hair loss, constipation and sensitivity to the cold. It can get very ugly when a body's thyroid goes menopausal.

Get Blood Lipids Checked [Cholesterol]

Your Cholesterol may be checked. Yes, they have to draw blood for this test, so buck-up and be brave! If you are very good, the nurse may give you a smiley face band-aid and a red sucker.

Food Allergies may also be explored.

This is the point where your friendly Nutritionist might be brought onto the scene. Your Nutritionist can be your best friend during diet time. Ask questions and expect answers!

Determining Healthy Body Weight & Diet Planning to Lose Weight

Your physician will also be able to provide you with an accurate number for your 'normal' weight. This will give you a goal to shoot for!

Diet medication may even be suggested, and if so, go for it! There are some very good medications that work well in helping people take off unwanted pounds and ounces.

Once you receive the thumbs-up from your doc, get on the trail to fitness. Do not stop to smell the garlic and pasta along the way. Aim for your goal, be firm, be motivated, be dedicated and you will win the weight loss battle once and for all!

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