Could This be the Secret
to Losing Weight?

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Weight Loss Tips for Getting Off Unwanted Pounds

There is a remedy for almost everything today. For instance, if you want to put a cranky baby to sleep, run the vacuum. Kitty liter works great in removing those tough grease spots from your driveway.

But what about losing weight? Is there anything out there that really works? Could this be the secret to losing weight?

There are so many people who diet and fail, yet more and more often we read and see success stories! Do these weight loss achievers have a secret? Just why did they succeed?

Was it what they ate? Was it 'their diet plan'.

Was their success due to health concerns? Was it support? Was it total willpower?

Was it due to diet medications? Was it exercise? Meditation? Herbs, tonics, vitamins? Or, was it a combination of things?

Let's see if we can pinpoint their 'secret formula' for losing weight.

If you will, think back to your younger days (some of us will have to think very hard). Think of something from that era that you really wanted to learn to do, such as riding a bike, or skating, or using a skateboard, or playing a sport.

When I was a kid, I wanted to ride a bike more than anything in the world. I would have missed breakfast, lunch and dinner just to have the opportunity of learning to ride a bike.

So, from this example, does this mean that we should try to find an outlet that will help us NOT think about eating? Something to occupy our minds? Something to keep us away from food? Yes, that always helps, but let's think a bit deeper.

When I was learning to ride a bike, I would get on and wobble, or fall down on the ground, or worse yet, fall and hit the bar on the bike. It was a boy's bike; my parents were very poor, so I had to rely on friends letting me borrow their 'ride' in order to learn. Let me tell you; it wasn't pretty. I had more bangs and bruises than an octopus has legs.

However, the more I fell off and injured myself, the more determined I was to learn how to ride! I really wanted to ride a bike. And you know what? I finally did.

Sure, it took a while to learn; it didn't happen overnight. I got hurt along the way.

And although my friends were kind enough to let me borrow their bikes, they never stayed around to help show me how to ride a bike. It was a lonely lesson.

But after I mastered riding a bike, boy did I have fun!

The INTENSE desire to lose weight will allow you to obtain your weight loss and fitness goals.

Think about this again. Think about that special thing that you wanted so badly in life when you were a youngster.

Think about how much you wanted to achieve your desire - your GOAL- your DREAM. Think about the sacrifices that you were willing to make in order to succeed. Think about how motivated and determined you were. I'll bet that you achieved success!

You know what? You can achieve success with your weight loss goals and dreams, too.

You really can.

Just reach inside of you and pull out that feeling of intense desire to lose weight, perhaps one of the best-kept secrets to losing weight!

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