The Magical Diet Tree
Rethinking Weight Loss
Your Tree, Your Lifeline to Longevity

Written by Diet Bites

Imagine the following situation and see if this will shed new light on dieting.

At this point in your life, you are led to a beautiful healthy tree. You are told that as long as this tree lives, so shall you. However, the moment the tree dies, so shall you.

You can do anything to keep the tree alive - make use of water, additional soil, and nutrients - anything in your power to make the tree continue to live.

From this day forward, you visit the tree to make sure that it has plenty of water. You search intently for signs of disease. A tree surgeon is called in from time-to-time to ensure your tree's health.

If you see that there are other obstacles growing around your tree that are shielding valuable light, you remove the obstacles so your tree can continue to thrive. You make sure that harmful insects and bugs are not allowed to attack and destroy your tree.

One day you notice that the tree is losing leaves and its base is very soggy. Aha! Too much water! Immediately, you make the necessary adjustments and again your tree thrives. Wow! This is too easy! You may be like Big Daddy in The Long Hot Summer - you just may live forever!

There is a picture developing here, surfacing slowly, merging to the top for us to see. It's a mirror image of us. You are the tree.

Yet, when you think of this story in this manner, it takes on a new light. Why?

When you can physically see something, then you know why, when, and how to make adjustments.

If we could actually see into our bodies and examine the physical damage that excess weight and unhealthy foods are doing to us, the world would hear a giant wake up call.

But we can't see inside of us; we can't see the damage - clogged veins, pounding arteries, the deteriorating muscular system, so we live for today and enjoy!

Yet, if someone were to tell us that we would live as long as a tree in our care, oh my we would be so careful to nurture and care for this magical tree!

Begin taking care of yourself TODAY!

You won't get fit overnight, but day-by-day your results will add up and begin to show.

Your hard work will make a difference in how you look and feel. Be a strong oak!

Let's review one more time:

Healthy Eating, Drinking & Hydrating

- Eat healthy; too much of a good thing is absolutely too much.

- Drink healthy; water will help flush the impurities from your system, leaving you with a revitalized feeling. Drinking sugary drinks or diet drinks increases your 'need' for additional sugar.

Vitamins, Minerals & Exercise

- Take your vitamins; they help balance your system and keep you healthy, especially when dieting because it's very difficult to take in all of your necessary nutrients.

- Exercise moderately; get outdoors and feel the sun on your face! The added benefit is Vitamin D from the sun. Don't forget your sunscreen, though.

Know Your Dieting Weaknesses & How to Conquer Them

- Eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of succeeding in your diet. If your weakness is sweets, then use your head and steer clear of a potential disaster. If you have a friend that insists you eat hot buttered popcorn at the movies, you may have to shake up the dice a bit. Try inviting the friend to your house to watch a movie rental; fix some 'low fat smart popcorn'.

- The Big Blame. If you fail, it's not anyone's fault but your own, but NEVER EVER give up!

Recognize that you are human, then get back on the horse and this time, break him! It may take a few months in the saddle, but you can do it!

- Decide what you will say about your diet, and whom you will say it to. This is a very tricky area.

Some 'friends' can actually get jealous if you begin dropping weight. On the other hand, if you talk about dieting continuously to the people around you, they could go postal.

In Conclusion

Make this your FINAL diet! Most of you probably know someone who's been on a diet for years and weigh the same weight as they did when they initially begin their diet, or more.

Remember, you are the tree. Treat your body as if your very life depends upon it - because it does.

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