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Let's Talk Turkey

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Oh my, it's Thanksgiving again! Didn't we just do that yesterday?

We could affirm that we had this holiday not more than 364 days ago! And here it is, AGAIN, trotting all over our diet - virtually smearing us in turkey 'basting butter' and candied yam syrup.

"Pumpkin pie, walnut fudge, mincemeat pie, eggnog, Black Forest cheesecake, plum pudding - and oh yeah, diet bars, your favorite! Let's get real, folks...

So what's a dieter to do? Don a paper bag and ignore the festivities? Survive the Thanksgiving hullabaloo via bread (minus the cranberries) and spring water?

Now comes the tricky part. Diet Bites is here to motivate and support you, right? We imagine that the majority of online sites will provide all of these glorious tips to 'get you through the day'.

You'll find recipes for plenty of unappetizing appetizers like 'Turkey on Rice Cakes' and 'Imitation Crabmeat on Imitation Crackers'. (Bet you can't wait to eat that one. Actually, it sounds a bit fishy to us.)

Then there are those really far out tips like, "Use the flimsy paper plates so you won't be tempted to overfill." Please.

On the other hand, if we turn and look the other way and give you the go ahead to run amuck among the crystallized glasses filled with shimmering happy water and massive calories, and the gilded bowl of over-sugared cranberries, it'll be 'all our fault' because someone gained 52 pounds during the festivities.

So, it's best if we don't encourage our readers to go ape with the holiday goodies.

HOWEVER, and that's a very big and loud however, it's the holidays for goodness sake! And though we don't need to be reminded, we have learned how swiftly tragedy can touch our lives.

Thanksgiving, and we're talking about the officially allotted Thursday, is just one day of celebration.

Yes, some of us tend to take the party into the rest of November, through December, then on through Valentine's Day.

However, with a little savvy and a lot of willpower, you CAN get through the holidays without pounding on pounds!

How you say, especially with Aunt Martha's grand old fifteen-layer coconut cake staring you in the face?

You know the one; it's topped with three jars of maraschino cherries and enough pecans to make four fruitcakes with.

And don't forget the filling, made and fully saturated with Aunt Martha's secret recipe that everyone knows contains five cartons of whipping cream.

Tips for Dieters on Thanksgiving Day

Okay, it's the moment you've been waiting for and we can just picture you sitting there reading this, on the very edge of your seat!

So, with an imaginary drum roll, let's hear our Turkey Tips for dieters and non-dieters alike.

1. Enjoy Thanksgiving Day to the fullest for it may not come again HOWEVER...

2. Try to eat a bit of something before you get the jitters.

Waiting for the big bird to get done can be a trying game of wit vs starvation. By putting a little something into your tummy, you're insuring that you won't go wild with those spuds and yams come mealtime.

3. Think of some other ways to celebrate throughout the day than just relying on food.

Try playing a game of Scrabble using only healthy words. Trade recipes with friends and family and as you're jotting them down, think of how you can make them into healthier concoctions.

4. Bring something to the feast that's healthy, something like a fruit salad or a Waldorf salad.

Here's a quick recipe for Waldorf that won't inflict one ounce of guilt:

Apples - peel and discard the peel, slice thin and sprinkle with a bit of lemon to keep the brown ruffles away.

Celery - strip off the strings and slice into tiny bits

Pecans or walnuts - Just a few will do.

Miracle Whip - Use either the light or the nonfat variety.

That's it! Simple, yet delicious! You can add some golden raisins if you wish, or experiment!

5. If you're on a diet, try to remember how hard you've worked to lose the weight.

Think before you eat. Once it's in your mouth, it's too late!

6. Limit yourself to one plate and a couple of desserts.

7. If your Thanksgiving meal was around lunchtime, then eat a very light dinner, or forego altogether.

Tip: Most weight gains are experienced by eating late in the day. Dinner should always be your lightest meal - always!

8. Don't kick yourself if you 'accidentally' go wild for the day.

Move on. Make this year the last, final, end-of-the line diet that you'll ever be on!

9. Keep in mind that it's much easier to gain ten pounds than it is to lose ten pounds.

You can rarely burn off more calories than you're capable of putting inside of you when you're on a binge.

10. If you overdo, do not allow this eating behavior to flow over into the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful readers!

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