Liquids or Solids?
Liquid Dieting Health Risks

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The Truth About 'Liquid Nutrition'

Canned diet concoctions can be convenient, but when compared to solid food, what packs the biggest Diet Punch for you?

These liquid supplements sold in a can are highly marketed as a diet tool that will help you win the Diet War. Supplements - that's a key word. If you occasionally substitute a meal with a meal in a can, that's one thing.

However, if you are substituting your daily diet with 'liquids only', then STOP! Why? Picture this: one train, one track, and one shoe that's stuck inside the track. By the way, I hear the train circling the bend.

Any diet that recommends 'liquids only' should be labeled with R.I.P. - and that doesn't stand for Really Important Person. If you are consuming 'liquids only' - no matter how many vitamins and nutrients the can claims to have, then you are putting your health, and perhaps your very life at risk. We have choppers for a reason.

And yes, some meals in a can are fairly nutritious, but please don't rely on this type of product to supply your body's daily nutritional needs.

You'll reap far greater benefits by obtaining nutrients/vitamins from natural foods such as fruits, veggies and proteins.

Tasty? If you're rootin' tootin' to try these meals in a can, choose either chocolate or banana, and you'll probably have a little nicer trip into the Land of Artificial Wonder.

As a note, a small milkshake and a multi-vitamin will render similar benefits - with the milkshake riding much higher in my books.

a) They both have about the same number of calories (220 - 250);

b) They are both liquid;

c) The milkshake will more than likely be prepared with nutritious whole milk;

d) I never met a milkshake flavor that I didn't like!

How long do the liquid supplements satisfy your hunger?

It's like eating a Chinese meal in a can, minus the fortune cookie.

If you're experimented with meals in a can you know that about thirty minutes after you're done, you're hungry again.

Your tummy rolls like a washing machine stuck in neutral. It feels like it has entered a world of the unknown, the Diet Twilight Zone.


Oh yes - everything is so convenient these days. I can't wait until they develop electric brow tweezers. Fact is, the meals in a can aren't very effective in conquering weight loss on a long term basis.

More about the long-term effectiveness factor...

Just about all magic liquid plans include a strict routine of specific foods, drinks, exercise, and even the times of day that one is suppose to do all of these diet-like things.

If you stick to the plan, yes - you'll lose weight because most plans are based on a 1,200 calorie intake. lies the problem.

Once you have lost down to your goal weight, and you get off of the plan, you haven't developed a proper eating plan - a life plan. Unless you continue to monitor what you eat, the weight is apt to return.

Do the meals in a can work well as a form of diet control?

Oh yes! Supplementing your diet with a meal in a can may help to keep your appetite under control.

At times, when one is dieting, it takes the restraint of Godzilla to resist certain foods. By sticking to a liquid meal, one is no longer challenged by willpower.

Most meal in a can distributors recommend that you drink the liquid for lunch, then enjoy a light dinner.

You'd see better results by reversing that recommendation.

In addition, one liquid meal per day may not be as healthy as the manufacturer proclaims, so if you choose this method as a tool in assisting you with weight loss, use the product reasonably such as two times per week.

How much does Canned Convenience suck out of your pocketbook each week?

Plan to spend $1.00 or more per can.

But before you embark on testing out the Liquid Fad Plan, check out our liquid/sold food comparisons at: 'You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato Juice'. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

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