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Just because you're dieting doesn't mean you can't enjoy the forthcoming holidays.

It's a time of celebration! Don't let it pass you by. Prepare and be a smart ghoul by reading the diet tricks and treats outlined in this potential Pulitzer-Prize winning  article!

It's tough dieting; very few people will argue with that statement. It's even tougher dieting during the holiday season. A lot of people tend to shy away from the Diet World until after the holidays.

But by making some smart food choices, you can either begin your diet OR stay on your diet throughout the holiday season.

While the rest of the world takes off to Diet World on January 1st or 2nd, you'll have lost weight, or maybe have even reached your fitness goals!  

You'll have a great head start OR may even cross the finish line before the New Year dawns - and what better 'weigh' to celebrate the New Year with a foxier, leaner, healthier you?  

Let's discuss some Halloween eating magic to help you along the way.

Dieting Tricks

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips Steer away from the steer. If your Ghostliest Hostess is serving appetizers, choose the ones topped with the cute little shrimp.

Better yet, hit the veggie tray. It's very hard to do a lot of damage there - just ignore the ranch dressing in the middle of the tray.

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips Candy Gram - Those single-wrapped pieces of candy, especially those in the orange and black wrappers, can really get a body in trouble.

Before you accept a candy gram, stop, think and listen to your smart inner voice that's telling you to run to the cookie tray.

The cookie tray, you say? Yes; a cookie isn't going to kill your diet and neither is a brownie. It's much smarter to eat one slice of cake, or one piece of pie, or one cookie, or one brownie than 32 pieces of wrapped candy. Just eat one and be done.

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips Punch & Judy - Holiday punches are generally loaded with sugar. A better selection is to opt for a club soda, or some sparkling water laced with a lemon.

Remember, Barbie Knockers may be wearing a svelte cat costume this year, but next year you'll look sleek and cool in your fox costume. Tip: If Barbie begins telling her 'fat' jokes again, offer her some of the full-blown ranch dip.

Diet Treats - Healthy Halloween Recipes

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips One of the best suggestions I can offer is to have a Halloween Bash of your own. By doing so, you control the menu.

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips A very good Halloween punch is a bit of diet orange sherbet tucked into a glass of diet orange drink. If diet sherbet isn't available, use regular. Again, just one scoop and be done.

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips Popcorn Magic - Popcorn is a very wise and healthy choice, and provides fiber in your diet. Try spraying your popcorn with refrigerated no-calorie butter spray, then toss in some no calorie sugar and a bit of  ground cinnamon. Shake well and enjoy.

Healthy Halloween Dieting Tips Marshmallow Man - A few toasted marshmallows really hit the spot! They're about 20 calories each. Not much for such a wonderful, rich treat. Roast them until they are nice and toasty, and then slowly eat.

Diet Bites wishes you a very happy and safe holiday!

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