To Diet or not to Diet, That is the Question
1 is the Loneliest 'Numba'

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Taking on a diet is a big challenge and your success depends a lot on the individuals that surround you…

Sybil silently stews, "I can't believe Harold ate the entire pumpkin pie, that-that-that worm! Right in front of me too – and during one of my weakest diet moments! Well, he can forget that big-screen TV I had in mind for him for Christmas! Humph!"

Yes, Harold was a very naughty boy who didn't even display one once of support or understanding for Sybil. His punishment is almost unbearable, don't you think? A single pumpkin pie wiped out all hopes of a big-screen TV for Christmas.

Well, enough of Harold!

However, we don't want to fall into the same pitfall, especially now that we are aware of the potential consequences.

We must first of all, determine our current scenario so please pick one of the following.

Reasons for Dieting to Lose Weight

a. You live alone and want to diet.

b. You want to diet and although your partner also needs to lose weight, they aren't in the mood to join you in the diet battle.

c. You want to diet but your partner doesn't need to diet.

d. You and your partner both want to diet.

e. You and your partner both need to lose weight but neither of you wants to diet.

Now that you've determined your scenario, let's tackle each with vigor and vim, and hopefully offer some useful suggestions in the process. Here we go!

Dieting Alone

The Brick Wall - On one hand you don't have someone continually torturing you by eating Rocky Road ice cream in front of you each night; BUT on the other hand there's no one there to help keep you motivated - and no exercise partner.

In addition, finding healthy recipes for one can be next to impossible, so leftovers are inevitable. Thank goodness that broccoli reheats well!

Smashing the Brick Wall - In order to succeed, you must remain motivated and committed to losing weight.

Try to find an individual to work out with, to take a long walk with, or to shop with.

Any sort of movement equals exercise in our books! If no one is available, try finding an online partner or an online fitness coach.

One big plus about living alone and being on a diet is that you aren't subjected to a pantry full of goodies; you can keep a stock of healthy items on hand to help avoid temptation!

You Want to Diet, But Your Partner Isn't in the Mood

The Brick Wall - This situation applies to Harold and Sybil whom we visited with above. What a travesty! In this situation, both you and your partner need to lose weight, but only one of you is currently in the mood (to lose weight, that is!).

To be fair, let's take a glimpse at Karen and Greg. It's torture for Greg, watching Karen down that quart of ice cream.

As he bites away at his nails, he knows that his only diet salvation is the satisfaction that the flavor is crummy old Rocky Road and not the delicious Strawberries & Cream that he finds so divine!

And as he watches Karen, his eyes dart innocently back and forth in disbelief as she reaches for the bag of scooped-sized Fritoes and can of bean dip. Gasp! And though you love her dearly, may she ALMOST choke on that tasty morsel she's lifting to her lips, lips still coated with Rocky Road ice cream.

Three months pass and Greg loses enthusiasm with his diet. Then one morning without warning, Karen approaches him and eases out, "Honey, it's time WE went on a diet." Now, Karen's in the mood and Greg's not. It's a vicious circle!

Smashing the Brick Wall - This situation is a stink-a-roo, perhaps the most difficult situation in which to succeed. One way that might garner success is to have a serious discussion about your 'new' diet.

Ask for their support and for their understanding,even going as far to ask them to have their ice cream and pumpkin pie at a local diner rather than eating it in front of you.

Outline your concerns and the reasons why you must/want to lose weight. Who knows; you may even have your partner joining you in the weight ring!

By attacking the problem as a team you'll be reaching your weight and fitness goals in no time.

You want to diet but your partner doesn't need to diet.

The Brick Wall - This is a bit like dieting alone. You'll need the full support and understanding of your partner to achieve maximum results.

Smashing the Brick Wall - Talk to your partner and share your hopes, dreams and concerns regarding your diet. Tell them what you'd like to accomplish and try to enlist their support.

There are two more scenarios listed above that we need to quickly address. Should you and your partner both want to lose weight, then there's nothing like togetherness during this time of transformation.

If both you and your partner need to lose weight but don't want to go on a diet at this time, then you might consider going on some fun walks.

Try the State Parks and local museums or fairs and amusement parks. Bottom line is – stay active and move, move, move.

When cooking or eating out, try to pick the healthier menu choices.

If all else fails enlist the support of family, friends (both online and off), co-workers – you get the picture, I'm sure!

There is one type of personality that's best to avoid while you're losing weight.

Of course, that's another story so stay tuned to Diet Bites, your healthy bite of the day!

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