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How to Eat More Food While Dieting

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Grilling Foods Cuts Calories & Zaps Fat Grams

Warmer weather is right around the corner so leave the oil, flour, and butter in the house and get fit by filling up on healthy food choices. How? It's time to drag out the grill!

Your grill can be used for all types of meat - chicken, beef, seafood, pork and more. Why not experiment with more than meat, if you haven't already?

Here are our favorite grilling tips for dieters:

- Your grill is perfect for sealing in savory juices, tangy marinades and tenderizing those tough leftover breads.

- Meat on a stick is a favorite of ours. Just be certain that the 'stick' that you use if fire-resistant. Serve a low fat dip or sauce on the side.

Don't Forget to Grill the Healthy Vegetables

- Try adding these cubed veggies to cook on the grill the next time you toss on some meat: zucchini, potatoes, small whole onions, carrots.

- Glaze your meat with a bit of grape jelly that's been mixed with bottle chili sauce for a sweet and tangy flavor.

A good rule of thumb is 1 cup of grape jelly or jam to 1 cup of chili sauce - but do adjust the flavors to suit your personal taste buds. You may enjoy your glaze a bit sweeter or a bit more on the spicy side.

Check your market shelves for reduced sugar varieties of grape jam to keep sugar grams minimal.

- Your local market will also have a huge selection of fancy, wonderful tasting glazes that will also spike up the flavor of your veggies.

- Don't forget to experiment with your spice rack. Rosemary, thyme and lemon pepper are great flavor makers.

Even Breads Can Be Cooked or Warmed on the Grill

- Breads can also be sealed in foil to rest on the grill. The heat works well on softening leftover bread.

- Also try placing a 'grill-proof' pot of beans on your grill to round out your meal.

Grilling & Roasted Meat Comparison to Fried

Grilling is not only fun, but it opens a door to healthier cooking for a healthier you.

Let's do a caloric and fat gram comparison pitting roasted or grilled shrimp against the breaded and deep-fry cooking method. We can readily see the nutritional benefits of using the grill or oven for preparing our food.

While we used seafood for our comparison, the same applies to vegetables and other food groups where added sugar, fat, batters and dips are involved.

Keep your diet lean and healthier by dining on foods that are as close to Mother Earth as possible.

Fried Shrimp Compared to Grilled Shrimp

Battered & Fried Shrimp

Based on 3 ounces - which equals about 9 shrimp. Dietary fiber amounts are insignificant.

Calories, kcals = 206
Protein g = 18
Total Fat g = 10.5
Carb g = 10
Saturated Fat g = 2
Monounsaturated Fat g = 3.2
Polyunsaturated Fat g = 4.3
Cholesterol mg's = 117

Grilled Shrimp

Based on 3 ounces - which equals about 16 shrimp. Dietary fiber amounts are insignificant.

Calories, kcals = 101
Protein g = 19
Total Fat g = 1.44
Carb g = 1.3
Saturated Fat g = 0.443
Monounsaturated Fat g = 0.307
Polyunsaturated Fat g = 0.502
Cholesterol 179

In Summary

As we can easily see, the grilled offers less calories and more food. The fat distribution is a lot more healthy than the fried. Cholesterol count is more because we're eating more, but again - for much fewer calories.

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