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A flashback of dieting thrills & ills.

Miracle diet pills, bell-bottom jeans, 'doe' eyes and Tom Jones. It was an era of Women's Lib, the Male Chauvinist Pig, and Billy Jean King versus er... what was his name? Remember those days?

In the 1970's it was almost impossible to turn on a radio without tuning in to a great Beetle song. And even though the guys wore their hair longer than the girls did, you could tell the sexes apart; those mini-skirts were a dead giveaway.

Time passes so quickly, doesn't it? Except when you're on a diet. During 'diet time' it can seem like you're glued to a never-ending merry-go-round. You want to lose weight, and fast!

One good thing about history; it provides a pattern.

Since the beginning of time people have been dieting.

The Diet Wizards are always ready and willing to produce a product that will provide immediate results. They generally exchange this great product for YOUR $$$$.

These geniuses of disguise also have wise ways to convince you of the so-called miraculous capabilities of their product. A prime example is a wizard who will offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

The purchaser is then filled with a sense of trust for the product. Now they can buy with ease and 'sleep' those pounds away – or eat all they want and watch the weight melt off.

How can these Diet Wizards promise miracles with money-back guarantees?

Very cleverly! This is one way this type of diet scam works: you send your $$$$, you receive the product.

The Diet Wizard deposits your $$$$ into an interest-bearing account along with several other people's $$$$ who also bought the diet product. The odds of anyone requesting a refund are very low.

First of all, the diet wizard usually stipulates that the purchaser pay all shipping and handling charges.

This amount will almost always exceed the actual costs of shipping/handling. At this point, the Diet Wizard has already skim a profit.

Now let's say, for argument's sake, that someone requests a refund. In this event, the purchaser is usually required by the Diet Wizard to return the unused portion of the miracle product.

That's additional $$$$ a buyer will have to fork out for shipping costs. At this point, the buyer may contemplate the validity of returning the miracle product.

If the buyer decides to return the product, they may have $10 or more invested in out-of-pocket expenses relating to the miracle product.

That alone probably exceeds the 'proclaimed value' of the so-called miracle product.

Another big plus for the Diet Wizard is all that interest.

The $$$$ from one sale is minimal – but from thousands of sales, hey – that adds up to quite a lot of interest! And the longer it's there, the higher it grows. Therefore, the buyer should count on his $$$$ being returned 'later' rather than 'sooner'.

Now that the $$$$ aspect is out of the way, let's talk about health. All those miracle ideas and products from the 'They Burned Their Bras" era, why aren't they still around if they really worked?

In fact, sad as it is, some of the people who tried those products died. So, think about this…

In another thirty or so years, we'll be the long-lost era of special coffees, SUV's, ATV's, nose rings, ornamental hair styles and yes – miracle diet products. Just keep in mind that although certain products are advertised to be 'safe, guaranteed, non-addictive', doesn't mean that they are.

Use special caution when purchasing any product that will impact your health. Even in today's world there are deaths linked to miracle diet products.

You know, there's one thing I'm quite puzzled about; what era would hip-huggers fall into?

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