Diet Fairytale Cake Recipe
Reduce the Fat, Not the Flavor

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Dieting has never been so yummy!

Recipes for REAL Desserts!

This light, elegant cake will not only lighten up your diet, but your spirits as well. You'll feel like flying.

And what a beautiful diet dish. It's fit for a king no wait. For a Queen. Yeah, a Queen. For YOU.

Serve this dessert chilled, in either a plate, bowl or saucer. A ruby-red wine-colored glass sets this elegant dessert off in total perfection.

If you opt to serve the Fairytale Cake on a plate, fill a squeezable dispenser with some of the strawberry mixture detailed below and make a wide circle on the plate.

If you use this method to serve, cover the cake and pudding with the whipped topping. When assembling, spoon the mixed 'unfrosted' cake into the center of the fruit swirl; 'frost' with topping; add some mint leaves for color. Enjoy!

We hope that you enjoy this Diet Bites original recipe.

Diet Fairytale Cake Recipe

The Recipe Ingredient List

1 angel food cake torn into small pieces

1 box of instant, sugar-free, fat-free vanilla pudding plus skim or reduced fat milk necessary to prepare pudding

1 teaspoon of real vanilla and if you use vanilla flavoring or imitation vanilla you can double this amount

1 container of light, reduced fat whipped topping

1 carton of fresh strawberries (you can leave the stems on for added color)

2 tablespoons of crushed pecans

mint sprigs which are totally optional

Place the cake into a large bowl. Mix the pudding according to directions using skim milk. Stir in the vanilla and chill for about 15 minutes.

Remove and slowly incorporate the topping. Do this very gently so the topping won't collapse.

Spoon your dessert into the serving dish of your choice over the cake. Decorate with the strawberries and sprinkle with pecans. You can even surround your creation with lady fingers which hold only 40 calories per cookie.

Strawberry Fruit Swirl Recipe Directions

Pulverize a dozen small strawberries. Add NutraSweet or a generic equivalent such as Splenda according to your personal preferences. Use for decorating the Fairytale Cake if desired, or you can swirl it onto the serving dish as previously suggested.

Pound cake recipe.Diet Pound Cake Recipe

Here is another one of our easy diet recipes for dessert. The recipe ingredients are quite minimal.

The Recipe Ingredients

Slices of low fat pound cake
1 cup of pulverized sweet raw strawberries - or your favorite berry; some varieties of fruit can also be used such as peaches
whipped cream, optional
Liquid Coffee Creamer, vanilla based

Simply add a bit of water to the pulverized strawberries and pair with the pound cake as shown in the picture.

Run streams of the creamer around the serving plate and create a line of white by drawing a butter knife through them.

Top with whipped cream or topping if desired.

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