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Anger & Weight

Written by Diet Bites

Dealing With Anger & Weight Loss

Are You Angry About Your Weight?  The reasons why & what you can do about overweight frustration.

At times are you gripped with a feeling of anger that's connected with your weight? Do the following questions plague you? How did I get this overweight? Why can my friend eat like a stegosaurus and never gain an inch? What can I do to get control of my weight?

"I feel so baaaad." Frustration, sadness, hopelessness, depression and anger are just some of the reactions experienced by individuals dealing with the issue of weight gain. Most fitness counselors generally advise the person to 'get on with life' and lose weight. But if these feelings are so common shouldn't they be addressed? Then, let's do that!

Emotions Slowly Build to Exploding

All of these disturbing feelings frustration, sadness, hopelessness, depression, anger are emotions that have been slowly built, just as the additional weight was slowly applied to the body.

Our anger and frustration might surface when we see things like a trim friend eating a dessert with ten tiers. The anger isn't directed at the friend; it's our emotions dealing with our unhappiness and the unfairness of our own weight dilemma.

Being overweight has a tendency to make some people feel as if they aren't 'normal'.

In a group they may be continually self-conscious of their overweight state. It can be exceptionally embarrassing if the group is attending an eating function. The individual may be self-conscious of what they eat and of the probability of others monitoring their food intake. "Blending in' with the group can be a hidden desire. If one happens to be on a diet, the stress can be intensified due to the curiosity of others in the group.

Sadness and hopelessness stem from the fear that nothing can be done to remedy their situation.

This is especially common if an individual is seventy-five pounds or more over their 'accepted' weight. A window must be drawn for this individual so they can envision hope! Feeling trapped and helpless is scary, and very unfair to one's own self.

Depression is a mode that some individuals settle into after experiencing several failed attempts at weight loss. It's not only a miserable state, but also a serious one. Depression can range from mild to severe and requires a physician's assistance.

So, we understand where the anger stems from but what can we do to control these feelings?

First of all, don't suppress your feelings. They won't 'just go away' on their own.

Next, devise a fitness plan that you will stick with so that you won't have to deal with these feelings again. You need one LAST diet. Let the next diet be your LAST diet! If you can't achieve this on your own, seek someone who can help you reach your goals.

Know that people are so busy living their own little lives that they don't sit and think about someone else for hours, even minutes at a time. Most of us live in the present.

Generally, an individual is more concerned about 'their own weight' rather than anyone else's.

Remember that we cannot control all things.

However, some things we CAN control. Our weight, though difficult as it can be at times, is something that we CAN control.

Realize that your weight is a TEMPORARY state a changeable state! You were not destined to be overweight. It's something you can control.

Try to focus on the positive elements of your future.

Remember that you must put yourself first in your life, because if you aren't the best you can be, it's more difficult to help the other people in your life that you love so dearly.

Life is about much more than a person's weight. Please don't ever forget that. Whatever you do, do for YOU.

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