Your Best Summer Buys
at the Supermarket

Written by Diet Bites

Your best healthy buys at your supermarket for this season include...

WOW - we're just flooded with great buys at the supermarket this season. If you are into canning vegetables and fruits - 'Tis the Season.

Products are priced according to availability and are effected by things such as the growing season, weather conditions, pest control, and even the cost of fuel necessary to transport products to the market.

Check out your produce section this month for some terrific buys.

Keep in mind that these 'fruity' best buys are seasonal and this 'freshness' won't be around forever.

The Big Boys, Pumpkins

The 'big boys' (i.e. PUMPKINS) will be moving into town in before we know it along with their cousins, the acorn squash, the spaghetti squash and the mini-pumpkins.

In fact, there are more species of pumpkins than Rip has Wrinkles - from Cinderella pumpkins which resemble a fairytale coach to gi-normous sized wonder pumpkins.

A few great buys at the supermarket amid the months of summer include: Pears, Peaches, Watermelons,Cantaloupes,Okra,Corn,Chicken, and Beef.

All of these healthy foods can be incorporated into your diet.

They provide essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in order to efficiently process food. EFFICIENTLY is a keyword.

A keyword is defined by Diet Bites as "Stop, Look & Listen" before proceeding. Okay, efficiently why is that a keyword where dieting and weight loss are involved?

Have you ever been at work and felt so boggled down with all the tasks around you that you felt overwhelmed? You knew that you could do all the work being given to you BUT could you do it efficiently?

Most job tasks are dependent on other areas you need Susie's time card before you can process her time; or Tim must give you his statistics on Alaska before you can perform your marketing analysis on that new oil campaign you're launching.

Our bodies are very similar to this scenario.

Our Energy Processing House requires a balance of vitamins and nutrients so it can properly process everything we put into our mouth.

If you aren't getting the essential vitamins and nutrients, then your Energy Processing House isn't working as EFFICIENTLY as it should be.

In fact, you are probably not losing as much weight as you would be, if you were including all the nutrients necessary to 'balance' your system.

In fact, you could even be experiencing a situation where you are gaining weight unexpectedly if you aren't getting adequate vitamins and mineral intakes. This is a very common thread among middle-age to senior individuals and can contribute to middle-age spread.

If you are on a weight loss plan or if you aren't getting your essential vitamins and minerals then your body may require a multi-vitamin to perform efficiently.

One great spot to start getting more of the vitamins and minerals that your body requires is with delicious and bountiful summer vegetables and fruits at your local fruit stand or food market.

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