Count That Carrot
Every Calorie Impacts Body Weight

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The importance of counting calories. - even measly carrot calories.

Something's wrong with your bathroom weighing scales. You're on a diet but the numbers aren't moving. Maybe it's time to Count That Carrot!

Of all the vices known to man, losing weight is perhaps the most difficult to manage. After all, food can't be avoided. We must eat to live, but like the old cliché some live to eat.

With the onset of the 21st Century comes the promise of thinner thighs, rock-hard abs and vanishing bat-wings with super heroes named Olestra, aspartame, and saccharine.

Weight Loss Gimmicks & Tricks to Get Your Money

Just about everybody's heard all the latest gimmicks from the 'snake-oil salesmen of the lose-weight-fast world':

"Lose weight while you sleep. Lose 100 pounds in 10 days. New miracle drug. Mega metabolism booster. Eat all you want and still lose weight. Eat yourself thin."

I feel thinner just reading this; skeletal even. And "Mega" could be a viable candidate for the next Spielberg dinosaur sequel.

However, by now we should have all realized that the quickest way to gain weight is to go on a diet.

Sure, in the beginning you lose 10 pounds then the holidays roll around and you fall off the weight wagon. You not only gain the 10 pounds back but 5 to go with it. Not everyone hates fruitcake.

Then spring pops up and as we envision our bodies - still encased in their thermal fat layer from winter being lodged into that summer thong of yesteryear, we make a massive effort to ditch the excess weight - and fast.

So, off comes 15 pounds just in time for summer grilling; then on goes 25 pounds.

It's a vicious circle. So you may ask, "What's one to do?"

One plan of attack is to wise-up on the number of calories contained in the foods we eat. One can count fat grams until the onset of world peace - and yes, fat intake is vital to total nutrition.

However, unless you are in England, a pound is a pound is a pound, which comes to about 3,500 calories.

How to Estimate Calories

If your normal calorie allotment is 2,000 calories per day and you consume 2,010 calories, then the 10 unused calories will be stored as fat - even if they are derived from an innocent carrot or any other extremely healthy food.

Of course, you'd have to pig-out on that extra carrot calorie count for about a year before it becomes melted into your thighs, but just how innocent is that carrot then?

Speaking of carrots, which is best? Carrots in their raw stage or carrot juice? Let's look at the nutritional values of carrot juice.

Calories, Nutrition Facts for Carrot Juice

Based on one cup.

Calories = 94 kcals
Protein = 2.24 g
Total Fat = 0.35 g
Carbs = 22 g
Fiber, dietary = 1.9 g
Sugars, total = 9.23 g

While both are very healthy sources of nutrition, particularly in the area of Vitamin A, if the dieter is striving to keep caloric values to a minimum, then one large carrot would make a wiser choice over a cup of carrot juice.

Take note that both sources contain about the same calories per 100 grams but there is a defining difference between solids and liquid servings.

Calories, Nutrition Facts for Raw Carrots

Based on one large carrot.

Calories = 30 kcals
Protein = 0.67 g
Total Fat = 0.17 g
Carbs = 7 g
Fiber, Dietary = 2 g
Sugars, total = 3.41 g

One cup of grated carrot contains 45 calories. If chopped, 52 kcals. One medium carrot holds 25 kcals and a small, only 20 kcals.

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