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Calories in common and extra sweet varieties of pineapple, including low calorie recipes for your weight loss plan.

Pineapples are like most fruit - they can taste boring and flavorless or they can melt on your tongue like honey. Such is the way of this beautiful fruit.

I am so charmed by the pineapple - how it looks, the aroma and the methods used for growing that I wrote a love story where the setting was a pineapple farm.

There is just no other food or fruit that tastes like this one, and it produces so many serving sizes per fruit.

As to the sweetness factor, let's examine how the caloric value compares with the common pineapple varieties.

Calories in one fruit of the common varieties weighing 905 grams contains 452 calories while the extra sweet variety weighing identical grams contains 462 calories.

The sugar content of the common variety contains 89.14 grams while the extra sweet variety contains 93.40 grams.

That small difference in sugar content appears minuscule but it influences the flavor of the fruit substantially.

For extra sweet varieties look on the label for: Del Monte Gold™, Extra Sweet or the MD-2, Hawaiian Gold, Super Sweet and Ultra Sweet.

Pineapple Recipes & Tips for Dieters

Slimming Shakes for Dieters

Blend the following: 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple, 3/4 cup of skim or low fat milk, 1 spoon of light or dark brown sugar or you can use sugar substitute or you can omit the sugar if you're using extra sweet pineapple.

With Cottage Cheese

This tasty fruit compliments cottage cheese very well. Be sure to use the reduced fat cottage cheese.

Glazed Ham Skewers Recipe

This low calorie pineapple recipe can be prepared in the oven, on the stove top, in a toaster oven or on the grill. Be certain to use heat-proof, fire-proof skewers for this recipe.

To create, alternate the following foods: chunks of lean ham, pineapple chunks, and broccoli florets (optional).

Brush with a light glaze; you can use sweet and sour sauce, your favorite marinade, Asian sauce or a glaze of light or dark brown sugar, a bit of water and a bit of honey.

Fruity Ham Omelet Recipe

Hams compliments this fruit so well but any protein that you enjoy with pineapple can be used. Whisk one egg and an additional egg white. Season with salt and pepper. Add 1 Tablespoon of Half & Half and stir to incorporate.

In a separate pan sauté 1/2 cup of chopped bell peppers - any color and any variety as well as a teaspoon of finely chopped onion and 1/4 cup of sliced mushrooms.

Remove and set to one side. Add 1/4 cup of extra lean chopped ham (fully cooked varieties) to the pan and allow to heat fully.

Add 1/4 cup of drained pineapple chunks or tidbits and heat with the ham. Use cooking spray if sticking becomes an issue amid cooking.

When cooking the omelet pour the egg mixture into a non-stick skillet using cooking spray to prevent sticking. If the omelet mixture sticks, it ruins the appearance of this otherwise elegant recipe.

Carefully turn the omelet after it cooks fully on one side. It will have a slightly golden hue. Transfer the vegetables onto one side of the omelet. Add the pineapple and ham; fold the empty side of the omelet over the top.

How Many Calories in Extra Sweet Pineapple?

One slice that is 4-2/3" in diameter and 3/4" thick contains 83 kcals.

One slice that is 3-1/2" in diameter and 3/4" thick contains 42 kcals.

A thin slice that is about 1/2" thick and three inches round holds a skinny 28 kcals.

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