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Eating Patterns Can be a Really Good Thing! 

Understanding "Why You Eat" Makes a Powerful Tool in Your Weight Loss Plan

If everyone in the world ate for one single reason, such as Ďbecause food tastes good - or because they are hungryí, losing weight would be a much easier thing to accomplish.

But we all eat for different reasons. In fact, each day we may eat for many different reasons throughout our day.

By understanding Ďwhy you eatí you can obtain firm control on impulsive eating. This knowledge will help you keep on track while you are dieting. Here are some of the more popular reasons ĎWhy People Eatí. 

We Eat for Entertainment

Example: Your boss takes you out to a luncheon, or arranges an elaborate dinner with business clients, so you feel obligated to contribute to the eating fest.

We Eat Out of Obligation

This is a bit similar to Entertainment. Example: Your spouse prepares their famous homemade double-fudge brownies. (I know.) You feel obligated to eat not one, not two, and certainly not just a sample of the brownie.

These are 'famous' brownies and if you don't polish off the plate with a smile, your spouse will feel mortally wounded. It's worse than leaving that wet towel on the bathroom floor.

We Eat Because of Taste, Texture

Sometimes we eat because food tastes good. In fact, Iíve never met a Chocolate that I didnít love, or one that didnít love my hips, have you?

We Eat to Feel Physically Better

Many times we use food to help make us feel better. When weíre sick with a cold, thereís nothing quite like a warm soothing bowl of chicken soup to make it all better.

We Eat To Feel Happier

Can food really cheer up a person? Well, Iíve never frowned at a hot fudge sundae. By the way, you can cut about 20 calories by removing that cherry on top.

Eating Because We Are Happy

Sometimes we eat because we are happy. So, contentment sometimes spurs our eating desires.

Eating Because We Are Lonely or Seek Comfort

Food can be a very good friend when one is lonely.

We Eat to Reward

Sometimes we eat to reward ourselves for achieving something special.

We Eat to Relax

Example: Itís late in the evening, youíre watching television and a nice buttery batch of popcorn really hits the spot. Itís time to relax.

We Eat Because We Are Hungry

Simply the best reason to eat!

We Eat Because We Are Famished

Simply the worst time to eat!!!! (or go grocery shopping) 

So, are all of these reasons for eating, bad? NO! In fact, if youíre a frequent reader at Diet Bites, you know by now that most of the reasons for eating that have been listed above are highly encouraged.

Eating Patterns Can be a Really Good Thing!  

For example, if you do really well on your diet, then by all means have a treat as a reward.

You'll be more apt to stick with your diet than if you follow the 'Too Straight & Too Narrow Path'. If youíre sick, then have that chicken soup.

It's your body telling you what you need - so listen to your body talk. If youíve received a bonus or promotion, then by all means celebrate!

The key is having the ability to keep goodies and meals at a Ďsafeí limit. Have one cookie, or one small slice of pie as a reward.

Go one step further and include that calorie amount in your daily calorie intake.

And if youíre ill, itís not a time to be focusing on calorie intake. If youíre celebrating over dinner, then enjoy!

Try to pick healthy choices and if thatís not an option, get back on track as soon as the meal has ended. Donít wait until tomorrow, next Monday or after the holidays!

Why Are You Eating?

So the next time that you eat, think in your head, "Why am I fixing to eat?"

If you find yourself coming up with the same answer time and time again, this knowledge can be an important tool in losing weight, as well as in weight maintenance.

For example, if you repeatedly find yourself eating because you are happy, thatís something you can work with. Tell yourself that you arenít going to eat until you become hungry. When you see a drop in unwanted weight, you'll be very happy!

If you find yourself eating only because you are hungry, go a step further and ask your family physician to investigate.

You may have diabetes, or a thyroid problem.

And yes, medical problems can be a chief reason for being over weight. People too readily assume that someone is overweight because they eat too much, and thatís not always the case.

And if that box of chocolate begins to repeatedly tempt you, it may need to go into a lock-box. And we all know how important lock-boxes are these days.... 

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