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Tips to Reduce Calories in Hot Dogs

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Keeping hot dog calories in check.

Hot dogs and dieting? You've got to be kidding! Wait. You're talking about those rubberized low calorie Winnies, right?

And those cardboard tasting, low calorie buns, right? And don't even mention chili dogs, right?

Nope! We are talking plump, tender, juicy, delicious hot dogs - WITH CHILI - that contain about 150 calories each.

So what's the secret?

Go to your favorite market and pick up a package of Decker franks - or your favorite franks. I like the Decker's because they contain 110 calories per Winnie.

While you are at the market, pick up a bag of your favorite hot dog buns, a container of mustard,one can of sauerkraut and a can of lean chili.

I highly recommend Wolf Brand Chili, extra lean beef OR Hormel Hot Dog Sauce - the 20 calories per serving can. Also grab a sack of charcoal for roasting purposes.

Okay, we've got our supplies. You probably already have questions. You may be thinking, "How can one Winnie that contains 110 calories, and one bun that has about 90 calories, and the other hot dog fixings add up to 150 calories? Just the Winnie and the bun exceed 200! Sky, you've totally lost it, hon."

Ready for the trick? We are going to slice our Winnie in half. Better yet, slice it into three Winnies! Slice it down its length - not into butchered tiny circles. After all, we are adults.

If you've wisely chosen to slice your Winnie into thirds, this is your hot dog calorie count:

Winnie = about 35 calories

Bun = 90 calories

Mustard = free calories

Sauerkraut = 5 calories for 2 Tablespoons

Chili = 2 Tablespoons of the hot dog sauce equals 20 calories

GRAND TOTAL: About 150 calories

If you're feeling really brave, add some chopped onions, a little sweet relish and some grated low fat cheese. Even with these additions - and even if you chose to just half your Winnie, it's still a great feast for under 200 calories. Enjoy two of these babies!

These hot dogs contain a bit of fat and a lot of sodium, but there are times when one is dieting when nothing but a hot dog will do! You may (or may not) gain a bit of water weight the following day due to the sodium, but that will swiftly fall off.

Remember the trick - cut the Winnies into thinner Winnies and use low fat chili or chili sauce. You can cut the calories further still by substituting bread for the bun.

Another trick that you can use to 'tasty up' your hot dog is to spray the bun with a bit of refrigerated no calorie butter spray, then toast in a toaster oven.


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