Weight Barricades

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Weight Demons, What to Expect During Weight Loss

Dieting is a bit like buying a new roof or floor. It's very tough taking off the old so the new just sits right on top, covering the existing roof or floor.  

It takes a bit of elbow grease to remove the old, but it can be done! When losing weight, your elbow grease is your willpower.

An Important Element of Permanent Weight Loss, Willpower

Dieting is mind over tummy.

Dieting is an attempt to redefine what truly controls our willpower.

We shift that control from the tummy back to the brain where it belongs - in that empty spot where it left many moons ago. Old 'Will' sorta slipped and fell to the wayside while the tummy stepped in to assume control.

Will is a versatile emotion.

Some Wills are stronger than other Wills.

Will can be your best friend when you're dieting or your worst enemy.

Hold Your Judgment Call!

But wait! Let's not be too critical or too judgmental. Losing weight isn't so easy. In fact, one can gain weight so much faster than one can lose. You can never lose as much weight as you can gain within an identical timeframe.

So people tend to become discouraged.

In fact, while most people are getting to Fatdom the time seems to fly. When you're having fun, that tends to happen.

But eventually, the fun fades and bulk settles in its place, and with it a personal resolution to lose weight. This urge to lose usually happens every holiday season.

Again, the trouble is that the weight never comes off as fast as it went on. Therefore, we struggle to remain motivated during this delicate weight loss cycle so we can stay on track. There are so many different weight demons to wrestle with during the transition from fat to fit.

Diet Depravation

Yes, it happens. If Gill weighs 592 pounds then Gill's been doing a bit of very serious eating over the years. All that time Gill was cramming those goodies in as fast as possible, unconcerned about tomorrow. Then as Gill's cholesterol level began to match the numbers on his scale, he decided that he best melt off the excess - and fast! Double-fast. Triple fast!!

Even though Gill spent all those months and years eating as he pleased, as he treks slothfully though the weight loss phase, eventually he will feel deprived. He'll see his friend Teddy cramming down a sack of cheese flavored snacks and a pack of candy bars and then it'll happen. Depravation.  

Dealing With Food Temptation

It's not easy holding your Willpower in check when temptation is surrounding you from all sides, either.  We are tempted most everywhere we go.  Just take a look at this and see what you think:

Television - Commercials featuring tempting goodies are endless!  'Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee' - that's a perfect example.

Driving - Billboards plastered with luscious looking donuts fly out at you (no, I'm not referring to the movie ad featuring Mel Gibson, or Leo), as well as other tasty forbidden diet goodies.

Work - We are pressured into going out to lunch with our friends or as a group, or to parties.  We are tempted with holiday goodies that are brought in during the holidays OR for special events, such as birthdays and company anniversaries.  If someone eats a piece of MY birthday cake in front of me, while I am 'dieting and cakeless' - well, I am going to feel deprived.

Internet - Food, food, can we say food?  It's everywhere online, recipes included. How can we escape this?

Church - You can't even get away from it here.  The innocent minister is preaching about 'The bread of life' and you're thinking, "Does that come with butter?"  We are so deprived that we can't even concentrate on the TRUE meaning of the situation.


The majority of us live for the moment. When one diets it's very difficult to imagine what they will feel or look like without the extra weight. We all want results NOW. It's so easy to fall off the weight wagon and be like Scarlet O'Hara, "I'll worry about that tomorrow".

Just knowing that the calories have been cut, which translates to food intake, will work negatively on one's mind. That in itself is enough to trigger hunger.

Tiredness and/or bursts of energy.

Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn't it? Depending on sugar levels your energy tolerance bursts and fades. It's not easy juggling calories when one is dieting.

Foul breath.

'Breath of T-Rex' is almost certain to happen from time-to-time when one diets. Rather than carrying around a bunch of parsley, try the '1 calorie' mint. In this case, a little goes a long way.

Those are just a few items to expect during your dieting phase. It's important to be prepared and realize that there is an end in sight.  And as we know, good things come to those that wait.  


Although this sounds so simple, it's not at all. Nonetheless, be determined, boost your Willpower, lose that unwanted weight once and for all!

You're so tired of dieting. Get it over and done with. Do it for you, for that inner voice who is crying out, 'Please stop the pain.'


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