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Let's start this diet article with our tasty and oh-so-easy-to-make Witch Pudding recipe. It's low in caloric and dietary fat content and makes for a fun party recipe.

In fact, this tasty Halloween recipe is so low in calories that it's scary!  Well, almost. We can guarantee that your guests will go ga-ga for more.

Our Witch Pudding features the colors of Halloween: black and orange. If you cannot locate chocolate wafers, we've offered some other suggestions that will work just dandy.

You'll find more suggestions are at the end of this low fat, non-scary diet wise recipe that can add fun to your Halloween party or event.

To set the party mood, seek some dry ice that can add a fog effect; it's very inexpensive, too - allowing more money to spend on Halloween costumes.

You can also string cobwebs through the party area or use inexpensive sheer sheets of fabric and position plastic spiders onto the fabric with two-way tape. Old white sheets also work well.

Witch Pudding Recipe Ingredients

1 bag of chocolate wafers OR vanilla wafers OR gingersnaps
1 large box of fat-free, sugar free instant butterscotch pudding prepared with skim milk

1 medium sized tub of reduced fat whipped topping, thawed
candy corn & orange sprinkles for decorating or tinted orange sugar granules

How to Prepare

To assemble, place a layer of cookies in a large clear bowl or your favorite serving bowl. Next, add a layer of pudding, then a layer of the low fat whipped topping. Next, add a layer of crushed wafers, then a layer of low fat pudding, and top it off with a layer of topping.

Sprinkle the top of the Witch Pudding with a few pieces of the candy corn. Add tinted sugar or some of the crushed wafers to the top too, if you wish. A few rubber spiders hanging off the rim of the bowl make a 'darling' holiday display.

Preparation Suggestions

If you can't locate the chocolate wafers and you don't want to use vanilla wafers or gingersnaps, then purchase the chocolate filled cookies such as OREO at the market. You can scrape off the middle if you wish - or add it to the recipe for a few more calories.

We like the chocolate wafers because they tend to be much lower in caloric content other the standard filled cookie - even without the middle.

Another suggestion is to use chocolate flavored topping rather than the white. If you can't locate the chocolate topping, then add a large spoon of chocolate syrup to the thawed low fat whipped topping and gently fold. Be very careful and too much folding can cause a collapse - and we don't want that as it's party time - fun time, even if you're on a weight loss plan.

You can take this low fat, lower calorie recipe to yet another level by experimenting with other combinations.

Here are a few that we have experimented with in the Diet Bites humble kitchen and that we enjoyed, as well as family and party guests:

- The reduced sugar, reduced fat pistachio pudding flavor goes wonderfully well with tiny gingersnaps. Add a few pistachio nuts to the pudding mix or topping if desired.

When it comes to gingersnaps, they are fairly low in caloric and fat values - so you don't gain a whole lot in the area of dieting advantages by choosing the low fat varieties. And something is lost in the texture and flavor between the low fat and regular gingersnaps.

Therefore, we recommend using the standard gingersnaps; they'll contain about five to ten calories more per serving. The same applies to vanilla wafers.

- Another great combination is vanilla wafers, low fat whipped topping

- Finally, chocolate wafers and chocolate pudding are divine along with the chocolate low fat whipped topping. Add a few sliced almonds to the mix to boost flavors even further if you wish.


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