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How to Tone Your Buns

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Agnes & Her Weight Loss & Bun Toning Success Story

Learn how Agnes used simple exercise to lose a few unwanted pounds from a very high profile area. She discovered that weight loss can be fun! As fun as eating a box of chocolates. Well, not quite....

Agnes went shopping one fine fall day in a bright orange pantsuit. My, there were so many different types of pumpkins at the market today!  Agnes loved fall - loved the Halloween holiday, too.  

She made her way towards the big pumpkin patch, then leaned over and started searching for the perfect giant pumpkin to dress up her yard for Halloween. It was less than a week away.

Unfortunately, the pumpkins reminded her of the ongoing issue and she felt miserable and uncomfortable with her looks in the process. 

But no worries as soon Agnes was taking measures to rectify her ongoing concerns.

Fact was, Agnes was overweight. she hated diets. Nonetheless, all she needed was to tone certain areas a teensy bit. That's all.

As soon as Agnes reached home, she prepared herself a cup of Diet Nightingale Tea, then settled into her comfy Scottish-plaid chair to read her new book which provided a powerful dose of Diet Motivation along with toning exercises.

Diet. There was that word again. It was so hard staying on a diet. She didn't even like the word diet.

Agnes slowly thumbed through the book.

"Oh my," Agnes drawled as she thumbed through the pages. The exercises actually looked ultra easy. Why she could do this. These exercises actually looked fun!  

Day by day, Agnes performed the exercise and soon - she was seeing results!

Toning assisted in making certain areas of her body appear smaller.

Not only did Agnes tone up her body by exercising - she also toned by watching the foods that she inserted into her daily diet.

She grew to prefer fresh sweet fruit over sugar-loaded chocolates and bonbons. She drank skim milk rather than sugary colas. 

She learned how to enjoy a little butter with her bread rather than a little bread with her butter. Lighter, healthier eating certainly paid off.

Before Agnes knew what happened, she had reached all of her toning goals. "Happy days are here again!" she thought with glee.

In Summary

To firm up your high profile area, and iron out the sags, try these great toning exercises like Agnes.

These toning exercises are a fun way to firm and tone by making use of squats, lunges and good old fashioned exercises.  

Visuals can provide maximum guidance when you are trying to achieve maximum results and there are many popular exercise tools on the market that might assist you well. 

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