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Diet Pills & Ills, Why They Do Not Work

Written by Diet Bites

Adults & Children Over 12: Take 2 Caplets - Another reason why OTC meds don't work well. Diet Pills - They are part of the pack, too.

Something is awry in Dodge City....

Here we are in the New Millennium and our over-the-counter medication practices are down-right scary!  Think about it....

According to the directions of most pain medications, a 12 year old youngster that may weigh 100 pounds (or less) is directed to take as much medicine as a grown man who might weight 300 pounds or more.  It's not only dangerous, it's nuts.

The same dispersion method applies to over-the-counter cough, cold, nausea and allergy medications - as well as diet pills and frills.

Again, this requires a bit of thought.  Is everyone trying to lose the same amount of weight?  Of course not!  

So then....why should someone who is shooting to lose 150 pounds take the same amount of 'magic pill' as someone who is shooting to lose 10 pounds?  

My, all these pills must be very strong to achieve such balance results. Or, perhaps they are 'smart pills'? Definitely not!!

It's even scarier when you take into consideration that acetaminophen can damage the liver permanently if the dosage is too high and - Ibuprofen can damage the kidneys if the dosage is too high.

So what's a body to do when one is sick, especially when one of the little ones becomes ill?  

Until labeling procedures are pulled out of the Dark Ages and updated to the current century (i.e. according to a person's current weight), call your doctor and get his recommendations for dosage.

And as for those over-the-counter diet pills,you don't need them!

Save your hard earned $$$, walk a bit each day to get your heart pumping and make healthy diet choices. Losing any unwanted weight, as well as strengthening your body, will help ensure that you'll need to worry a little less about how much medication to take because you'll be in tip-top health. Do it for you, you wonderful person you!

Diet pills do NOT melt fat, they do NOT cause weight loss. They are often associated with the following side effects: nausea, racing heart, irregular heartbeat, irritability, diarrhea, abdominal upset and cramping, heart attack, stroke and death.

The most that they can do is curb the appetite SOMEWHAT.

Healthy Tips for a Healthy Body Minus Diet Pills

All too often these days, adults are reaching into their medicine cabinets or closets to find a magic cure-all, from everything to the common cold to losing weight.

A few short years ago, a member of our family injured their knee and it required surgery to repair. As I waited in the waiting room, a gentleman next to me was discussing his health ills with another gentleman.

Both were in need of losing significant pounds.

The gentlemen were discussing their current health issues, one telling the other that he was going to have to undergo tests for his Acid Reflux condition, and that he was currently taking medications to control it but they were not working.

His doctor was very wise to pursue investigation and I pondered the gentleman's situation and felt very bad for him as the other gentleman said that he was using medications to control his blood pressure which was currently off the charts. Both were waiting on family members who were currently in the surgical theater getting treatment.

They also discussed the numerous medications they were taking for their current ills.

I was sitting there, hoping that the one gentleman's Acid Reflux condition wasn't something worse; certain cancers and other ills popped to mind. I contemplated the other gentleman's blood pressure issue and felt empathy.

Then my eyes widened as the two started discussing food and what they liked to eat. One was explaining an elaborate holiday meal his wife prepared while the other talked about his favorite Mexican restaurant. Then they both decided to visit that restaurant to pass the time away as they waited for their family members to get out of surgery.

Hopefully, both gentleman chose their menu selections wisely - and hopefully, both were on a weight loss plan. Losing weight will naturally reduced high blood pressure readings as well as reduce digestive issues related to Acid Reflux.

In Summary: Never rely on medications to decrease the side-effects of a health condition you might be experiencing. Take other healthier avenues that can serve to cure those ills, such as losing those excess pounds.

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