What the Bonneville
Metabolism Means
Slow vs Fast Metabolic Rate

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss & Metabolism

Bonneville Metabolism or a Ferrari Metabolism? Which is best? Why, a fast Ferrari Metabolism, of course.

However, a Bonneville Metabolism isn't necessarily a bad Metabolism; it's just not the most effective and proficient Metabolism. The Model-T Metabolism is the pits and will require a doctor to remedy.

If you're experiencing hair loss, weight gain, constipation, feeling more vulnerable to the cold than you used to, a rapid heart rate or just feeling lethargic or under the weather, then it's time to make a pit stop at your doctor's office.

Your metabolism issue may not be related simply to a slowed metabolic rate; it may be related to a more serious imbalance in the thyroid or a disease that requires professional treatment.

As to losing weight, it's ultra important to own a top-notch Metabolism. So if you're suffering from a snail-like metabolism, there are some very easy things that you can do to boost the metabolic rate - to strengthen your body and your metabolism.

Here's the run-down of Metabolism 

- The body works to process food as efficiently as possible, burning the calories that you eat.  

- It then distributes that energy into the applicable compartments of your body. Extracted vitamins go here, nutrients go there, quick energy goes here, fat goes there and so forth. Amazing, isn't it?

- The more efficient your Metabolism is, the quicker you'll burn those calories (i.e. weight gain VS weight loss).

How to Boost Metabolic Rate, More Muscle Mass

- More muscles will equal a quickened rate of metabolism.

- To accomplish those muscles you'll need to ensure that you are inputting a sufficient level of lean proteins into your diet plan. While animal proteins are quite common in the American diet, don't overlook the plant proteins which are almost-always healthier sources of protein.

- In addition, working the body builds muscle mass. Therefore, you'll need to insert a healthy dose of daily activity into your routine - or at minimum, work out three times per week. If you work out daily, you can do such for shorter periods of time than if you opt for the three times per week option.

Smaller Meals Throughout the Day to Boost Metabolic Rate

- Rather than dining on three large meals per day, break them up into tiny meals. Six might work nicely. This technique can be tricky because you'll have to avoid the urge to graze. Grazing almost-always leads to weight gain rather than greener pastures where our weight is involved.

- Embrace foods that are as close to Mother Earth herself. Foods that are highly processed take longer for the body to process and digest. Natural - it's always best.

If you are concerned that your Metabolism has lost its gusto, check out a few of the articles below for more information as well as other healthy suggestions that can assist in cleaning your spark plugs, flushing out your radiator and putting a little air in your tires because the bottom line is:

"A efficient Metabolism will ensure your fitness level AND you'll feel better AND you'll be able to eat more than you would with a sluggish Metabolism."

In Summary

We'll leave this Diet Article with some serious food for thoughts. Never take a metabolic booster to self-remedy what might be a metabolic issue. The medication or cure may cause more harm than it does good.

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