The Downside of a Slow Metabolism
Metabolic Rate & Body Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Slow vs Fast Metabolism [Bonneville vs Ferrari Metabolism]

Whether dieting or not, a slow metabolism is 'da pits. Symptoms or side effects generally accompanied by a slow metabolic rate include the following.

Slower Digestion Involved With Slow Metabolic Rate

- Sow digestive process, thus a feeling of fullness that may last for hours - way past the normal four or so hours necessary to complete the digestive process in individuals who have a healthy metabolic rate.

Constipation, Digestive Upset & Issues Related to Slow Metabolism

- Individuals with metabolism issues may experience a slowed intestinal track, therefore not having a need to visit the powder room as often as those with an efficient metabolism.

They may experience lower as well as upper abdominal bloating and the pain associated with such, constipation issues which in turn can trigger hemorrhoids; they may also experience impacted bowels.

-  The individual may feel cramped and bloated, even after ingesting light meals - or after consuming liquids.

More Difficult to Lose Weight, Body May Feel Fatigued

- Because the body's system is reacting at a slow rate, the individual may feel lethargic and out of energy. Most individuals with metabolic issues tend to gain weight, even when caloric intake supports their recommended body weight.

- It may be much more difficult to drop those unwanted pounds or maintain a healthy, recommended weight. In the individual with a faulty metabolism, they may even experience weight gain.

This situation is a bit like a sink that has a stopper set into the drain. When the sink is filled with water and the stopper is removed, the water flows out of the sink and into the sewer system. When the drain is plugged with a faulty stopper, the water will not flow evenly out of the drain.

Depending upon how faulty the stopper is, the water may drip until the sink is empty or it may flow out at a snail's pace is a light stream.

At times, water that doesn't have the force of gravity accompanied by a strong enough stream-flow will simply remain in the sink and stagnate.

In turn, we can understand this very simple example and how it relates to a slowed metabolism. Weight Loss as well as maintaining one's recommended weight is suddenly much harder to accomplish. We may feel like we're traveling upstream instead of down.

And unfortunately, the slower your metabolic rate, the more weight you will gain if you don't cut back on calorie intake. If the individual is already at their recommended weight, if they continue to trim calories in their daily diet, the won't be receiving adequate nutritional needs.

The situation can place their good health at risk and requires quick remedy by their health care professional.

A slow metabolism will actually cause a person to store fat.

Basically, it's mechanical failure at its worse.

The great news is that an imbalance in the thyroid isn't a common occurrence. The culprit which triggers unwanted weight gain, as well as the other common side effects accompanying a faulty or slowed metabolic rate generally are signs and symptoms of overeating.

Women are more prone to thyroid disease than men; about one woman among every eight will exhibit thyroid disease in her lifetime.

That's a fairly low incident for thyroid disease.

The unfortunate news is that more than half the people who have thyroid disease are unaware of their condition. Therefore, when in doubt see your doctor. Better safe, than sorry.

Let's review the more serious signs of a thyroid imbalance or disease which require a doctor's expertise:

- The individual may experience hair loss, puffy skin, an intolerance to cold temperatures, dry skin, weight gain, increase of bad cholesterol, the modification of blood flow and in younger women, menstrual irregularities.

If left untreated, in some events the individual can experience serious health risks, including seizures and coma. This type of thyroid imbalance is referred to as Hypothyroidism.

This is just one type of thyroid disease. They range from Graves Disease to Goiters to Thyroid Cancer.

If you feel like you may be exhibiting the symptoms of thyroid disease, meet with your doctor to discuss. Home remedies may present more health issues than not.

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