Do You Have a Slow or Fast Metabolism?
How to Speed Up Metabolic Rate

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Are you a Bonneville Metabolism or a Ferrari Metabolism?

It's Time to Take a Quiz! Look at the charts below and pick out your lifestyle tendencies.

If you have more 'Bonneville Metabolism' traits, then you probably have a Bonneville Metabolism.

If you have more 'Ferrari Metabolism' traits, then you probably have a Ferrari Metabolism. 

How to Increase Slow Metabolism

Keep in mind that the 'Bonneville Metabolism' is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are so many things that you can do to increase your metabolic rate which in turn generates a more favorable body weight.

The metabolism types are explained in detail at the end of your quiz, so you'll want to read that especially if you have a Bonneville Metabolism.  

Now - we're off to the races!

Symptoms of a Slow Metabolism

Metabolism Boosters & DietBonneville Metabolism


I rarely, if ever, eat breakfast.

 Much of the time, I fast to lose weight.

 I feel tired throughout the day, even when my activity level is in slow mode.

 I rarely exercise.

 I watch my waist line carefully and enjoy only the foods that I love to eat. Some days I don't have much to eat due to the high calorie content in the foods that I like, but at least I enjoy what I like to eat most.

 Sugary drinks are a major part of my daily diet. The zero and low calorie beverages are not my 'cup of tea'.

 I enjoy a diet high in carbohydrate grams. Cupcakes and donuts just fill that empty spot better than fresh fruit.

 My body is more flab than muscle.

 My lifestyle is relatively stressful.

 I find it hard to sleep and even when I do, it's broken sleep.

 I sleep late on the weekends and stay up late whenever I can.

Symptoms of a Fast Metabolism

Metabolism Boosters & DietFerrari Metabolism


 I almost always eat breakfast.

 I tend to space my calories throughout the day and rarely skip meals. I also enjoy two healthy fresh fruit or protein snacks during the day.

 I feel fairly energized throughout the day, even when my activity level is in slow mode.

 Exercise is part of my daily routine.

 I do my best to intake all the daily necessary foods for optimum nutrition. My daily diet is built upon the official Food Pyramid and all the healthy foods residing therein.

 Water is a major part of my daily diet.

 I do my best to avoid sugary drinks and foods.

 My diet is basically low in carbohydrates.

 My body is fairly muscular.

 My lifestyle is relatively stressful but I find ways to release the stress before it feeds on me and I feed on food due to the stress!

 I enjoy a peaceful night's rest with my sleep cycle rarely broken.

To learn more about your Metabolism and how you can keep it in tip-top condition, navigate by warping to one of these Metabolism topic.

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