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The Metabolism Matrix, Boosting Metabolic Rate for Quicker Weight Loss Results

Are you a Bonneville Metabolism or a Ferrari Metabolism? Diet Bites presents 'Metabolism Made Simple - More Metabolism Information Than You Probably Want to Know'.

Learn about your metabolism, how it works in regards to weight loss, the signs and symptoms of a sluggish metabolism and how you can remedy such using simple techniques.

So reach down and grab your seatbelt because we're going to take a ride through the Metabolism Matrix! We may pull some G's so hold on tight to your teddy bear as we venture into this well-ridden topic.  

Fast [Ferrari] vs Slow [Bonneville] Metabolism

Keep in mind that Ferrari's are smooth, sleek, fast-paced and yes, expensive looking vehicles. They can handle twists and turns smoothly. They are agile. They are quick. They are fast.

And this is the place that we want to take our personal metabolic rate to - where it performs smoothly to get the job done so that weight loss and weight maintenance will be easier than a piece of pie. Hum....maybe we better change that to a rice cake, eh?

Therefore, your goal is to nourish an active Metabolism - which will ensure maximum weight loss - as well as an efficient burn in caloric-intake. Your goal is to be a Ferrari Metabolism!

You can be any central color that you wish, but you must ensure that you fill up your tank with the rainbow of colors displayed within the Five Basic Food Groups housed beneath the umbrella of the Official Food Pyramid.

Using the Food Pyramid & Healthy Food Groups to Rev-Up Metabolic Rate, Improve Health

The Grain Group: foods that are tan or golden may make better choices; look for the whole grain goodness locked inside the food selections that you choose throughout your day.

The Vegetable Group: make sure that you get a very colorful assortment of foods from this important group.

While green is lean and mean - and ultra healthy, particularly the leafy greens, don't toss orange and yellow to the side of the ditch.

The Dairy Group: Opt for the low and reduced fat choices which will serve to keep caloric values and dietary fat grams at minimum.

This group is very easy to go overboard on; some of the selections are liquid.

Rather than grabbing a cup or glass, before pouring your selection into the container take a moment to measure it with a measuring cup to ensure that you're not enjoying two or three times the recommended serving size. Calories can add up very swiftly/

The Fruit Group: So many healthy choices that it is virtually impossible to go wrong here excepting in minimal areas. The healthy but fatty avocado pops to mind, but it can also be a part of an effective, healthy weight loss plan.

The Protein Group: Try to switch the focus from animal proteins to plant proteins whenever you can. Your arteries will thank you as well as the bathroom scales.

Do you know why we listed the above Food Pyramid information? For several reasons, actually.

Healthy Diet Vital to Permanent Weight Loss

- A weight loss plan built upon the solid rock of the official Food Pyramid is more likely to succeed than fad diet plans.

- A weight loss plan built upon the Food Pyramid is the healthiest pattern known to modern day man in assuring that nutritional needs are met.

On that note, see the food group recommendations to your right? These are based on a standard 2,000 calorie daily diet plan - just as nutrition labels are which are found on the commercially produced products that we purchase at our markets.

When dieting, try to aim for the lowest recommended suggestion at MINIMUM. Do not go below the food group recommendations as to servings.

- We say all of this to say that the one thing that can create a stagnant metabolic rate is a diet lacking vitamins.

Some vitamins require their peers in order to do their job. Without sufficient vitamins, weight loss will prove much more difficult. To ensure you get all that you need, ask your doctor if you should be taking a multi-vitamin while dieting.

Now, it's time to warp over to the Lite Side! To learn more about your Metabolism and how you can keep it in tip-top condition, navigate by warping to one of these Metabolism topics:

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