Things That Will Boost Your Metabolism

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to boost Metabolic Rate for Quicker Weight Loss Results

How can we get our internal engines running as smoothly as possible?  

Gentleman, start your engines!

Breakfast, a Super Charger to the Metabolic Rate

Eating breakfast is one of the best ways to super-charge your Metabolism without even using a credit card. Breakfast is perhaps your most important meal of the day, faster Metabolism or not.

However, many people don't like breakfast. They may feel that it makes them eat more throughout the day but so many studies have shown the exact opposite. Those that skipped breakfast ended up eating more calories throughout the day.  

Maybe you're just wanting to save those calories for later, for when 'you finally wake up'!  If so, it may help motivate you into eating breakfast to keep in mind that the first spoon starts your Metabolism.  

Maybe you just don't have time for breakfast. If so, grab a nutrition bar or a quick bowl of nutritious cereal. By doing so, you'll be boosting your Metabolism - so grab that bar, or that bowl and MAKE time. The boost is worth it!  By doing such, you'll be starting up your Internal Engine for the day.

Maybe you aren't hungry first thing in the morning.  At this point, stop and think how late you had dinner. Or, did you succumb to a Snack Attack?  Or, maybe you're not fully alert first thing in the morning?  

If any of these sound a bit like you, try adjusting your routine. If you aren't awake until later in the morning, take your breakfast with you. If you snack at night, then try cutting off eating at least 3 hours before beddy-bye. If you eat a late dinner, try moving it up.

Don't like breakfast foods?  Hey, this is the new millennium!  Breakfast foods are no longer 'set in stone'. Find something healthy that you DO like and enjoy - like that healthy veggie casserole that you prepared the evening before.

Steady, Effective Metabolic Burn Most Desirable

Keep your foot steady on the pedal  - NO lead-footing!

One of the reasons that the 55 mph speed limit went into effect was due to fuel consumption concerns. Our bodies operate in much the same way.

A steady intake of food translates to a faster, more efficient Metabolism - a constant burning of fuel.

But take care not to experience an 'over-burn'.  We rest our car's engine; likewise, our Internal Engine requires intervals of rest.

Wax and polish your car until it shines!

Look to take in foods that are high in nutritional value throughout the day. Snack often on foods that are low in calories such as fresh veggies and fruits.

Rev up your engine daily!

Exercise to Boost Metabolism

Exercise gets the inside of our bodies moving.  When your car idles, it uses far less fuel than when you're buzzing down the highway, right? Just like your body uses less energy when you're idle.

Snow tire-chains

Build a few muscles by incorporating weights into your exercise routine to help plough your way to a slimmer you - work it, baby!  Muscles take more calories to support than fat.

Hydrate to Support Metabolism Health

Put water in your radiator!

Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Avoiding Stress Which Can Decrease Metabolic Rate

Smooth running and purrs like a kitten....

Reduce stress and get those important 8 hours of sleep. When we introduce stress into our lives, particularly negative stress, it impacts our total state of health.

The negative results can be found in our heart, our brain, other vital organs - and even our skin and hair can suffer.

Too much worrying may not be the 'root cause' of gray hair, but it can toss the body into chaos, triggering hair loss.

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