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Weight Loss Takes Time

Written by Diet Bites

If only there were a way to magically transport from 'Fat to Thin' in a matter of seconds!  

But unfortunately, there's not.  On a 'lighter note' (pun definitely intended!) there is a bright side to the Time Factor.

Meet Nelda, Successful Dieter - who will take us on a ride to her Journey to Slimdom, thus explaining the Time Factor along the way.  Take it away, Nelda!

Three years ago, Nelda weighed 145 pounds. On the day that she embarked on her Diet Journey, she 'weighed in on her scales' at 175 pounds and decided to set a final weight loss goal of 30 pounds.  "Very soon, I'll be a glorious 145 pounds again," she thought, her eyes lighting up at the thought.

In the Beginning, Diets are Easier Because of the Motivation Factor

Day One of her diet was a breeze!  "She could do this," she thought.  "This is a breeze!"

Day Two of her diet was also a whiz!  "My, this is going to be so easy," Nelda thought, envisioning fitting into a size 12 as she had in her 'old thin days'.

Day Three was a bit of a bump.  Nancy Twoshoes at work decided to bring brownies to share. Nelda managed to withhold from taking a brownie, but it took 3 tissues to mop up her drool. But resist, she did!

As Time Passes, Our Motivation to Diet Often Wanes

Day Four was a bit of a stumble.  Her daughter, Nel, was peddling Girl Scout Cookies and Nelda had a passion for the chocolate minted-ones.

Day Five was a bit of a trip.  Nelda had shared lunch with her good friend, Nellie - who just couldn't understand why Nelda was dieting.  She looked fine to Nellie; oh by the way, who said, "Nelda, forget all that Diet Hogwash.  Here, dear, have a brownie."

"Brownie?" Nelda eased out to herself. Thoughts of Nancy Twoshoes and her fudgy brownies suddenly sprung to her mind.

Day Six was a total fall.  Nelda was sitting on the sofa knitting a sweater, listening to her little daughter, Nell, munching on heathen Girl Scout Cookies.  A commercial for a popular brownie mix suddenly aired on the television. And then, the scent of something heavenly drifted past Nelda's nose.  "Oh my. What's that wonderful smell?"

Nell sniffed, then asked, "My cookie, mama?  Is that what you smell?"

Nelda shook her head negatively.  "'s not the cookie that I smell THIS TIME.  It' smells like roast beef," she told Nell. "Delicious roast beef'.  

"Oh," Nell eased out, her attention returning to the television as a Barbie commercial hit the air. "It must be Nicki's dog biscuit," she told her mother.

Bingeing Can End the Best of Diet Plans

Nelda's eyes widened, her Willpower slipping into outer space along with her Diet and her size 12 dress.  

She wrestled the box of cookies from little Nell and ate until there wasn't a crumb left in the box.  

After her second box, she whizzed into the kitchen and whipped up those rotten little chocolate brownies she'd been craving.  

Dieting was the last thing on her mind at this moment. She was happier than Bulah the Cow in a meadow of alfalfa with no bull in sight.

Day Seven, realization settled in. Nelda spent all of Day Seven chastising herself for falling off the Diet Cliff without a parachute in sight.  Even though the scales indicated a 2-pound weight loss, she knew that was short lived, for the Cookie & Brownie Pounds were hot on her tail - if not right on her tail.

Finally, Weight Loss Success!

Nelda decided to play on the computer a bit to erase the vile, depressed, rotten, deserving thoughts from her little brain.  She stumbled onto a nifty diet site that looked a bit unique, as if the writer of the site had a few loose bolts in the head.  "Hum...but everything I'm reading is so on target of how I'm feeling," Nelda eased out to herself.

And then she read, "Dieting takes time.  The weight doesn't fly onto our hips overnight and it takes more than 'overnight' to get it all off.  And as we all know, it's a lot easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight.

As we lose weight, our body must adjust to account for all the calories.  Our body must shift itself around into a new shape.  Just as you were one time 'gaining weight' and your body didn't always automatically respond with a weight gain because it took time for those calories to register on the hips..."

The story went on, but Nelda's mind stopped.  She went back up to read those three little words that sounded pretty powerful to her, "Dieting takes time."

After searching over the archives of Diet Bites, Nelda soon learned that she could expect to lose 2 pounds per week while dieting. That meant 15 weeks without cookies, without brownies.  One-hundred and five days without cookies, without brownies.  2,520 hours without cookies, without brownies.

And then as she read deeper and deeper into the files at Diet Bites, she learned that yes indeed she COULD have cookies, that she COULD have brownies!  BUTTTTT - she would need to account for those calories in her daily diet.

Nelda was suddenly very excited.  Every day, she tried to get in some activity.  She planned her meals wisely.  She oft times chose an apple over a brownie and a plum over a cookie.  Nelda was as true as a peach to her diet.  Every day, she would mark off the date from her calendar, and every day she could see her scales getting closer and closer to that magic number, that really had nothing to do with magic - just Willpower and planning.

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