Popcorn Recipe: Sugar Bear Popcorn
for Your Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Sugarbear Diet Popcorn Recipe

Alow calorie diet popcorn snack recipe by Diet Bites.

Popcorn is an absolute Dieter's Dream! Filling, low in calories and a very healthy alternative when it comes to snacking time.  

The Recipe Ingredients

4 cups of fresh popped corn or about 150 calories worth
3 packets of Equal OR Splenda

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 Tablespoon of Light or Dark Brown Sugar

1 Tablespoon of No Calorie Refrigerated Butter Spray

1 Small Brown Bag for Mixing or use a sealable plastic bag or a large bowl

How to Prepare

Warm the refrigerated butter spray in your microwave for a few seconds, then coat the popcorn. Be sure to use a large spoon to move the popcorn about so that all the kernels become coated in the butter spray - otherwise the sugar mixture will have difficulty sticking to the popped kernels.

Next, add the sugar substitute, ground cinnamon and brown sugar to the mixing bag. Spoon in the buttered popcorn and shake the bag after you have sealed it securely.

Now you have a treat fit for any respectable sugar bear for less that 200 calories. Eat slowly and enjoy each kernel.

Popcorn in Your Weight Loss Plan & Popcorn Diet Tips

Popcorn makes a wonderful addition to almost-any healthy diet plan. Be sure to remove any unpopped kernels because these may cause health issues in the digestive track which may be mild to severe if they get caught-up in the appendix area.

If you don't own a hot-air popper, that tiny investment can save you a plethora of calories and fat grams over time in comparison to the popular microwave popcorns.

Calories Comparison, Popped Corn vs Unpopped

Let's do a quick comparison in Diet Bites Popcorn Shoot Out; first we'll examine the nutritional values in unpopped corn and then the popped variety.

Which types fit best into your weight loss plan - the hot-air or the butter flavored microwave variety - that is either popped at home or purchased commercially? You can determine such by looking at the nutritional labels on  your favorite brand.

Popcorn Nutrition Comparison

Based on one ounce, popped.

Hot-Air Popped Corn

Calories, kcals = 110
Protein g = 4
Total Fat g = 1.29 
Carb g = 22
Dietary Fiber g = 4
Sugar g = 0.25

Unpopped Kernels

Calories, kcals = 106
Protein g = 3
Total Fat g = 1.22
Carb g = 21
Dietary Fiber g = 3.6
Sugar g = 0.26

In Summary

The hot-air popped corn contains about the same caloric values as the kernels after they are popped.

Both make excellent additions to most weight loss plans, adding dietary fiber to support digestive health, protein to support muscle health and carbohydrates to support energy levels.

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