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Constipation Can Really Put A Strain On Your Diet

Written by Diet Bites

You're dieting and you're constipated AGAIN.

You've tried everything from prunes to a plunger without success.

And you're miserable, bloated and yes, even cranky. To top it all off, the numbers on your scales this morning weren't pretty.

Other than Prune Bingeing, here are a few things that might help combat constipation:

Bran Fights Sluggish Digestion

Bran - Unlike cabbage, broccoli and beans, bran works to stabilize your system. It's great for both constipation and diarrhea.

Over the Counter Helpers

O-T-C 'natural' stimulants such as Metamucil in powder and wafer forms will help get things moving.

Dietary Fiber, Nature's Way of Combating Constipation

Put more fiber into your diet.  This great Diet Bites 'fiber' link will help you determine the foods highest in fiber. Fiber also helps you feel fuller while dieting.  

Oats Pack a Dietary Fiber Punch

Try eating a bowl of oatmeal for breaky, and a bowl of beans for lunch, and a nice salad punched with lean roasted meat for dinner - and you'll find that you feel mighty full!  Of course, you may develop an entire new problem, that being the old gas-a-roo.  But don't despair!  

With time, your body will adjust to the gassier foods. That's a very good thing because unfortunately, most of our healthier choices tend to be gassy.

Sometimes, you'll just need to take a good old fashioned laxative.  No matter what the ads say, nothing is totally dependable.  Therefore, don't suck down those little blue pills - or chocolate squares if you are scheduled to be a speaker at an important, or even unimportant function.  It's hard to hide something silent and deadly with mikes hiding in every nook and cranny.

Amplification can literally destroy a person's Perfect Public Past, so please, beware and use your common horse sense when taking laxatives.  

One escaped whish can scar one for life. And it's not fun after the event, moving your heel over the floor tiles, trying to pro-create that prior embarrassing noise.  Like who is going to believe that your heel did it? Twice?

Add more liquid to your diet, specifically water.  In fact, that's how most of the laxatives work; they retain water in the colon until the bowel feels orgasmic.  Drown the waste!

Be as active as possible because this helps get the old snake moving again.

When You Need to See Your Doctor

On a very serious note, if you are not able to have a BM, and especially if the tooter is not working, contact your doctor immediately.  

diet and constipation You may be in lock down, which is a potentially life-threatening situation if left untreated.

And remember, there's pruned trees, pruned faces - but on a positive note, prune cakes.  Be sure and make your recipe using healthy ingredients!

Fruits Low in Calories   |   Diet Dessert Recipes |  Tortilla Soup Recipes


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