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Diet Hunger Pains While on a Diet

Written by Diet Bites

Di felt like she was dying with hunger pains.

Drat!  This is what she hated the most about dieting. Resisting goodies was very difficult, but that she could do!  In fact, she had been very good today where her daily diet was concerned.

Nonetheless, for her faithful diet efforts, this is how she was to be rewarded?  With painful diet hunger pains?  Double drat! She only had one more dreaded pound to lose and she would be at her goal weight!

Di shoved aside her frustration, once again remembering the pledge that she had made to herself three months ago, "This will be my final diet!  Get it over and be done with it!  Forever!"  

And she was practically knocking at the Door of Weight Loss Success!  

She was NOT going to fail!

Di pulled out her Diet Journal, the little gold book that had the words, "Di's Diet Journal" scrawled across the front and thumbed until she came to today's entry:

Breakfast Menu

2 scrambled eggs prepared with Pam/salt/pepper (140 calories)

2 slices of microwaved bacon (80 calories)

2 slices of toast with no calorie butter spray (110 calories)

1 cup of skim milk (80 calories)

Total Breakfast Calories: 410

Mid-Morning Snack

1 cup of cantaloupe (56 calories)

Lunch Menu

2 Jack in the Box Tacos with hot sauce (340)

Di paused, deciding that the fast food hadn't been the healthiest choice, but with only a dollar and some change in her purse, the calories had fallen well within her lunch allowance - both calorie-wise and money-wise. She continued reading:

Mid-Afternoon Snack

1 small peach (37 calories)

Dinner Menu

1 Large Can of Chunky Soup (300 calories)

2 Slices of Sunbeam bread (110 calories)

1 cup of strawberries (45 calories)

1 cup of skim milk (80 calories)

Total Dinner Calories: 535

Total Calories for the Day: 1,378

"Oh my," Di eased out thoughtfully. She was actually right about where she needed to be calorie-wise. And looking at her menu today, it didn't appear that she had made the healthiest choices, but she had stayed within her diet plan's calorie allotment. And she had actually eaten a good bulk of food!  Combined with the water and other sugar free beverages she had enjoyed throughout the day, Di decided that there was no logical reason that she should feel hungry.  

Other than taking a few laps around the pool, she had been pretty inactive today.

About Hunger Pains While Dieting

So there is still the mystery to be solved regarding Di's hunger pains. Why was she hungry if she had taken in plenty of food and calories for the day?  Let's delve a bit deeper into the mystery to see if we can uncover the truth!

Her choices seemed extremely filling.

She had an ample amount of calories for the day.

Her activity for the day was at a minimal level.

She had wisely incorporated snacks into her diet - wise snacks at that.  Sugary snacks tend to make us want MORE sugary snacks.

Diet hunger pain  can actually be acute, so much so that the dieter relents and surrenders to the nearest goody (usually a greasy cheeseburger) (with Mayo) (and double cheese).

Di decided to take a nice walk to get her mind off her hunger pains. She was rewarded the following morning with a small drop in weight.

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