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Gelling Your Diet With Gelatin

Written by Diet Bites

A fab diet tip for your diet, of course!

Cutting back on food while dieting SUCKS. For one, it's very hard to resist food when you are hungry.

Then after you've been a Diet Goody Two Shoes and performed your 'resisting duties' you are rewarded with hunger pain. What kind of reward is that? It's even worse than being forced to eat a generic rice cake.

But once again, never fear for Diet Bites is here!  

We have the perfect little solution to your diet dilemma. 

Gelatin - great tasting, healthy, fat free, practically calorie-free gelatin.

Ah, yes - you've heard this suggestion before, haven't you? It's like an old 'diet pick up line' - but wait! Not quite! If you are familiar with Diet Bites, you know that every turn has a twist - a twist that is always good for you and your diet.

Here is our neat little gelatin twist: Do not gel the gelatin. You will enjoy yours 'wiggleless' and 'wobbyless' and yes, you will like it.

Simply pour the ENTIRE pack of sugar free gelatin into a cup or a glass. Next, add about 3/4 cup of piping hot water to the powder and stir until completely dissolved.  

Sniff the fruity aromatic vapors up into your flared nostrils and enjoy! Getting in a fair amount of food sniffing is very important to the success of your diet. It helps to satisfy your diet needs.  

Next, fill your cup or glass with a few ice cubes to cool down your luscious brew. Now it's ready to enjoy.

The rich taste and the volume of the gelatin will work to satisfy your hunger pains. And it's a tasty treat, too. And look, Mom! No spoon.

Here are the nutritional facts for sugar free gelatin prepared with aspartame. The official caloric value equals 13 calories per serving with a surprising 1 gram of protein. No wonder mom always said that gelatin is great for the skin and hair.

Gelatin Calories, Total Fat, Protein & Carbs

Nutritional Elements Units 100 g 1 Serving
Energy kcal 198 13
Protein g 15.67 1.00
Total lipid (fat) g 0.00 0.00
Carbohydrates g 80.21 5.13
Fiber, total dietary g 0.1 0.0
Sugars, total g 0.00 0.00

Additional hot little tip for your weight loss plan: 

Wal-Mart's sugar free gelatins contain 1/2 the calories of JELL-O brand gelatins (5 calories per serving compared to 10 calories per serving).  

A savings of 20 calories may not seem like much, but hey - for that, you can enjoy an additional box.

In addition, the Wal-Mart product is very good and in our opinion, equal in taste to the more popular brands of gelatin, if not better.

They also make a sugar free French Vanilla pudding that is 'to live for'.  

I would imagine that if one would mix a block of LIGHT cream cheese, a little REAL vanilla, and a few packets of Splenda or Equal together and a container of reduced fat whipped topping that they could place that into a pie shell made with low fat vanilla wafers, sugar substitute and zero calorie butter spray - and they would have a pie fit for a King or a Dieter.

So there we have it - Diet Bites taking the 'Die' out of Dieting to once again, bring you 'Fun Things'.

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