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Bird Burgers - The Calorie Count on the New Turkey Burgers at Jack in the Box

Is it Jumbo Mumbo or Lean Turkey Trot?

Written by Diet Bites

The Turkey Burgers at Jack in the Box, Can They Fit Into a Healthy Diet Plan?

Turkey trot it's not! Let's talk turkey. To re-coin the Jack in the Box commercial jingle, "Any restaurant Bird Burger that goes gobble, gobble deserves to fly onto your hips, thighs and buttocks."

And I had such high hopes for the new Jack in the Box Turkey Jack burger. But the patty must be Cajun Fried Turkey because low in calories, it's not. Low in fat, it's not. In fact, this bird contains more calories than the Jumbo Jack WITH CHEESE! 700 big ones to be exact!  What did they feed this turkey?  All the leftover corn from the Thanksgiving feast?

Perhaps a few of the Indians and Pilgrims, too? Maybe these are the Butterball rejects?

Learning that this new potentially healthy Bird Burger was so high in fat and calories left me squawking for 2 days. I'm so flustered over the Jack in the Box failure that I'm starting to molt and lose tail feathers in my sandbox! Yes, someone's neck certainly needs to be wrung for screwing this one up.

Just how many calories can you cram into a puck of turkey?

On most any burger, the bun is going to cost about 150 calories.  So that's 150 calories. Then we've got the standard lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle thing going on and that's about 0 calories. Okay, so we're steady at 150 thus far.

This means that the turkey and the secret sauce (or the unsecret sauce) contains about 500 calories. And is that secret sauce Mayo? I suppose that I'll never find out because I'm too...chicken to try one now.

Calories & Fat in Jack in the Box Turkey Sandwiches

And I don't want to even think about this turkey cutting the cheese, because that's another 95 calories. Here's the full blown scoop from the turkey coop:

The Turkey Jack has 700 calories and 32 grams of fat.

The Jumbo Jack has 600 calories and 31 grams of fat.

The Jumbo Jack with cheese has 690 calories and 38 grams of fat - 10 precious calories less than the Turkey Jack-off.

High in Calories & Fat Grams, So Dieter Beware

If you plan on enjoying one of these babies, you may want to really plan out your diet for the day around this item as it's pretty pricey in fat and calories. In fact, so high that it struts.

It's probably pretty tasty though. Then again, so is roasted turkey and you can eat almost one pound for the same number of calories.

Nutrition Facts, Calories for Turkey Patty

Below are the nutrition facts for turkey patties in their breaded fried state compared to non-fat turkey patties that have been broiled. Just look at the humongous difference in caloric values and dietary fat grams. Below the turkey patty nutrition data charts are the nutrition facts for roasted turkey meat.

Vitamins, Minerals, Fat, Calories


100 g

1 patty

1 ounce

Energy, Calories kcal 138 117 39
Protein g 28.99 24.64 8.22
Total lipid (fat) g 2.48 2.11 0.70
Carbohydrate g 0.00 0.00 0.00
Fiber, total dietary g 0.0 0.0 0.0
Sugars, total g 0.00 0.00 0.00
Potassium, K mg 339 288 96
Sodium, Na mg 59 50 17
Zinc, Zn mg 2.19 1.86 0.62
Saturated Fat g 0.673 0.572 0.191
Monounsaturated Fat g 0.713 0.606 0.202
Polyunsaturated Fat g 0.759 0.645 0.215
Trans Fat g 0.023 0.020 0.007
Cholesterol mg 65 55 18

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