We're Off To See The Diet Wizard

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Getting motivated to lose that unwanted weight....

Stop and take a good look at the trail before you. What do you see? Success or failure? Before you strike out on your Diet Journey, you must only see SUCCESS!

Over the rainbow lies a land of Diet Success where the happy sun shines and tornadoes are nowhere to be found.  

That's because while you are on your Diet Journey, you'll pass all those dreaded tornadoes along the way.  

Will there be rain clouds at the end of your journey? Oh yes!  But compared to tornadoes, they're a....piece of angel food cake!

Look if you will, at the color of The Old Diet Trail. It's yellow. The color yellow represents so many things, depending upon your outlook.  

To a negative diet, yellow can mean:

- cowardness - as in our cowardly lion

- a yellow-bellied failure

- a diet filled with yellow straw that ignites at the wink of a ding-dong

- yellow cheese-flavored snacks

- yellow sponge cakes with crème centers

- and finally, "I want to yelly to the world that I hate my diet!" (Yes, yelly is a word.) (Well, maybe it's not.)

So let's take a look at what the color of The Old Diet Trail represents to the positive diet:

*yellow is the color of light that brightens up the Diet Path

*yellow is the Golden Key to Diet Success

*a yellow pot of gold at the end of the Diet Rainbow

*a yellow star for being GOOD

*yellow squash for a healthy body

*yellow bananas for a full tum-tum

*and finally, "I yelly like my diet!"

Turn Negative Energy Into Positive

So as we can see, one of the keys to success is to approach dieting with a positive mind. Beginning with the VERY FIRST STEP that we take onto the Old Diet Trail, we must BELIEVE that we are going to reach Diet Oz.  

Allow NO ROOM for doubt because yes - you will be tempted along the trail.  

There are pitfalls. There are even times when you will like your mother-in-law more than you will your diet. It gets that bad.

BUT - follow the yellow brick road and it will lead to many good things.

Just one - is a longer life.

Somewhere over the rainbow lies your Diet Dream. It's there, so far away, just waiting for you.  

You've dreamed of that land over the rainbow for so long now. You've tried to make the journey so many times but along the way, something always prevented you from getting to Diet Oz.

Things such as evil trees invaded by little elves who thrive on making fattening, but tasty cookies.  

The Old Diet Trail leading to your thin-dream is mined with these evil pitfalls, luring you to innocently trip on a decadent brownie and fall aimlessly down, down, down into the bowels of Diet Failure OR spiral straight into the trunk of an elf-inhabited tree!  Oh my!

So why do your diets continually fail?

Or why are they a teensy bit successful, then appear to just fall apart?

That is something that we must learn from the All-Powerful Diet Wizard that we will soon meet. The Diet Wizard knows all the answers to our questions and will know what to tell us in order to be successful along our journey. He knows everything!  Well....except the next winning lotto numbers.

So, are you ready for the journey? It could get very ugly. So before we head over the Diet Rainbow, let's make certain that we are ready.

The Weight Loss Lion-Up

-Your goal will be to lose 2 pounds per week. Calculate how much weight you need to lose by using the Diet Bites Standard Weight Charts to see how long you will be on your journey. Are you willing to follow the yellow brick road to your Diet Dream until you reach the very end?

-Are you willing to stick to a 1,200 - 1,500 calorie diet each and every day until you reach your Diet Dream?

-Are you willing to walk on the yellow brick road, getting fit and toned as you journey towards your weight goal?

If you answered 'yes' to all of the questions above, there is no reason why you cannot reach your Diet Dream.

And let's not forget the wizard whom we must find!  For he will show us many useful things that will ensure our success, as well as tell us why our former diets did not work.

Be forewarned that while you are on the yellow brick diet road, you must leave some things that you love behind such as Butter, Sugar and Oil.

Boosting Your Willpower for Your Weight Loss Journey

You may miss them tremendously!  So prepare yourself and strengthen your Willpower. The Wizard will teach us tricks and give us some neato diet treat suggestions to make our temporary loss a bit easier.

Tips - such as cutting our Winnies in two during Diet Time. It will be difficult, especially if you are used to enjoying a full blown Winnie. (They don't call 'em The Diet Winnie for nothing....)

However, if you stay true to your diet and resist wandering off the yellow brick diet trail, you will reach your Diet Dream!

And as we've said so many times before at Diet Bites, you want this to be your FINAL diet!  Darn it - it's just too hard to lose weight. It's a very difficult thing to accomplish, and by gosh, this time, you're going to reach your Diet Dream and get the dieting over with - once and for all!

If you have a lot of weight to lose, please don't be discouraged!  

During the time that you keep 'thinking' and 'dreaming' about going on a diet, you can be losing the weight!  Remember, it didn't fly onto you overnight; it overcame you surely but slowly. And if you gained the weight, then yes - you CAN lose it, too!

Oh my goodness! What is that riding the ancient old Schwinn?  

Could it be the evil Witch Watcher?  The one that watches from afar and seeks to deploy Diet Destruction?  Yes - oh yes, I fear that it is! And it appears that she is stirring up trouble!  Diet Trouble!!  BIG Diet Trouble!

Oh my - grab your red ruby slippers and stick close to me! And where is Aunty when you really need her???

Dieting: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Tips to Strengthen Self-Confidence at the Beginning of Your Diet Plan

Look in the misted distance and you will see the gates leading to The Old Diet Trail. They beckon you to enter, yet you are afraid of what lies beyond these tarnished gates.

Tarnished, because you've been here before - both at the gates and at the tarnished fork in The Old Diet Trail. For what you fear beyond these troubling gates is Diet Failure, and you know it well.

Forget the past and let's move forward, together - both you and I.

For though this trail be mined with danger, with large Diet Pitfalls, and even with frosted oatmeal cookies, I have been down this trail and know where the danger lies.

Follow me, fear not, hold my hand and I'll lead you to your dreams - to a Sky just over the rainbow...

What might we find there?

I can tell you as sure as the sky has both sunshine and rain. One day we might wake up to a beautiful day - the songbirds singing in the trees, the sun floating high overhead and the flowers waving in the light breeze.

Then suddenly, the sky can be engulfed in dark storm clouds, squeezing all the warmth and sunshine from sight. Thunder and lightning might ensue. The winds may pick up and blow the songbirds out of the trees; we can hear them protesting with loud screeches as they sail past us.

Should we turn back? We've never seen a day so dreary - so harsh and unpredictable.

Such is dieting - and losing weight.

This is just an example of what you'll find as you make your way over the rainbow. But if you remain determined to lose those extra pounds you will be kissed with all sorts of wonderful something's - horses of a different color, if you please.scarecrow

That tent dress that could say 'moo-moo' if it spoke will be replaced with form-fitting clothes.

You will have a neck again -as well as kneecaps. You'll be able to breath easier - and you'll even make less unwanted noises from both ends than you did before the weight was lost.

If you're currently taking medications for a health condition such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure issues - you may be able to leave those behind as you sail over the rainbow of weight loss success.

My father had a saying that always impressed me. Amid the Thanksgiving holidays he would tell us not to be thankful for the things that we had, rather to be thankful for the things that the Almighty didn't allow to happen that might have totally crushed us.

On that note, rather than thinking about all the great things that can be achieved by losing the excess weight - think about the things that can be stifled by such - things such as diseases and illnesses that you won't have to deal with due to weight loss.

You may be very well preventing getting diabetes or a heart attack or stroke by losing the weight now. I'm certain that if I hadn't lost my own bulk of pounds that I wouldn't be here right now.

I had high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and was testing on the high end for diabetes. I was on medication for the cholesterol and blood pressure issues - and now the issues as well as those medications - including their uncomfortable side-effects are a thingof the past.

Won't you take this journey with me?  

Diet Brain

Healthier Methods for Losing Excess Body Fat

Scarecrows - what do they do? Their original intent is to frighten away everything in sight. But not our scarecrow! He's warm-hearted, kind and just an all-around fun straw-guy.

He's only lacking one thing, and it's not personality. It's a Diet Brain....

 "I could while away the hours just baking bread with flour, it's like a work of art....de de de de de de..."

"I could lose weight every hour, and resist play-ing in flour, if I only had a Diet Brain..."

Ah - a Diet Brain.  It's something that we all need, especially while traveling on The Old Diet Trail. While the deep dark woods are mined with scary something or another's, even the most innocent spot on earth can be mined with danger.

For example, the dairy section at the local market is filled to the brim with healthy food selections: milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese.

All of these healthy foods can fit into our weight loss plan - but common sense tells us that we don't need to look on the nutrition label to know that the lower fat dairy food selections contain less calories than the full-blown versions.

Using Good Old-Fashioned Common Sense for Weight Loss

Common sense - it's what the Diet Brain lacks at times when presented with choices. We-humans tend to live moment-by-moment. It's difficult at times to envision that the choices that we are making today will influence what we weigh tomorrow, or that they will over time, impact our health in a good or bad way.

To help you along your journey, here are some things to keep in mind.

Sensible Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

-Plan meals in advance; waiting until the last moment allows room for bingeing and who needs that when our focus is on achieving a healthier body that is at a healthier weight.

-Keep a small calorie book handy; this can assist in letting you know how many calories you've consumed for the day. Losing weight takes savvy, sensible planning.

-If you plan on dining out, go to the online website and try to learn the nutrition details before heading out which will help you make the best diet choices.

-Shop at the market on a full tum-tum and you'll be less tempted to grab fatty goodies than using your diet sense to purchase the healthier foods such as fresh fruits for dessert and snack time.

-Include at least one fun treat in your daily diet as a reward and keep your diet fun.

-THINK before you eat anything that you suddenly feel guilty about eating.

-Use 'Mind over Tummy' because YOU are in control - NOT your tummy!

-Think active thoughts like, "Boy, I would sure enjoy running a marathon right now.  Oh well, perhaps a small walk around the block might suffice."

-Take a multi-vitamin to ensure that you are getting your basic minimal nutritional needs. The body requires vitamins in order to trigger weight loss results. Without such, your weight loss progress will come to a swift stall or a big halt - not to mention your level of health.

-Get plenty of sleep each night; rest and relaxation is as vital as activity. The two balance one another.

-Drink delicious clear water when it comes to refueling your fluid levels and keeping hydrated. Water is that zero calorie miracle drink.

-Ensure that your diet is packed with overall nutrition - cover all of your bases!

Diet Heart to Lose Weight

Do You Have Diet Heart?

Do you have Diet Heart? It's something very vital to the success of any diet. Whenever we are presented with a challenge in life, if we don't put our heart into it, generally it falls to the wayside.  

Therefore, before striking out on our journey, we must be totally focused.

It's difficult at times to find focus. While we may start out on our weight loss plan with full-focus, there will come a point when we become bored.

Think about the most pleasant thing that you enjoy doing.

If you were to be told that you had to do that certain something for the rest of your life - with having time out to eat, sleep and use the restroom - there would come a time when you'd become bored with that one thing that you love so dear.

Truth is, no one enjoys dieting.

If there were people lining-up who were excited about losing weight, there would be very few individuals in the world who were overweight or obese. This makes losing weight tough when it comes to keeping the focus.

How do you know if you truly have Diet Heart?

Answer the following questions which may help 'light your weigh':

Do you have a specific reason for dieting such as health reasons, wanting to feel better, wanting to look better or to catch the eye of a special someone?

How far are you willing to travel on your Diet Journey? To the end? Midway? Just a few steps down the trail?

Are you prepared to face all the challenges that dieting presents? You know these challenges very well, especially if you have gone on diets in the past.  

tinman imageHave you learned from previous diet mistakes? Are you prepared to conquer them now?

Do you have a healthy fat loss plan?

Will you stick with your diet until you reach your established goals?

Will you give me one million dollars? Whoops - where did that come from?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then maybe you are like the scarecrow - in desperate need of a Diet Brain because:

a)'How far are you willing to travel on your Diet Journey' is not a 'yes or no' question AND

b) you probably don't have a million dollars (or do you?) (I can forward you my address). However, if you answered all of the questions above with a firm, set heart - then it appears that you do indeed have DIET HEART.

This means that you are prepared for your journey, in heart, in mind and in spirit. Please keep in mind that the journey will NOT be easy and that when you feel weary, you'll need to be able to depend on your Diet Heart.


Diet Courage, Willpower

Scared of Dieting?

Yes, rice cakes and diet cheese are enough to scare the Ram out of Bo, no doubt! Butttt You CAN do this!

Take a moment to seriously think about your Diet Past. If you are like most individuals, you spend at least 2 1/2 months of the year visiting diet after diet - after it's all tallied up.

 Rather than this sporadic diet spin, why not make a 10-week commitment to ONE diet?  

10 Weeks to a Thinner, Healthier You

Just try it for 10 weeks and that may be all the time that you need to drop the unwanted weight. Do you have the courage?

If you need less than 10 weeks to reach your goal - that's wonderful! If you need more, then cross that path at the end of your 10 weeks. 

You'll have a good idea of just how far you have advanced and you'll be amazed at all of the wonderful things that you have accomplished!

A security blanket.  

That may be all that you need to put you on your way to Diet Success!  

Many times, believing in one's self is the key to diet success.  If you need a visible security blanket, one thing you can depend on is your Diet Plan. I can't impress strongly enough, the need of having a good, fool-proof diet plan.Diet Courage, Willpower Article Image

This may mean including any of the following to help make your diet a safe, unscary one that leads to success!

Map out a diet plan, including weight loss goals.

Keep in mind that you can't get from Washington State to the tip of Florida in one day in a car - just as you can't lose a significant amount of weight all at once. It takes time and great patience - not to mention a good dose of Willpower to accomplish such.

Once meals are planned, do not deter from them.

Measure out your serving sizes if needed until you get accustomed to what they look like.

Don't be afraid of losing weight if you have a lot of weight to lose.  

Start NOW - even if it is 200 pounds or more!  I am serious!  The more time that you THINK about dieting rather than DIETING, you're just wasting time.

You could be losing weight rather than fretting over gaining more weight.  And remember, you may feel that you have gained so much weight that it is impossible to lose.

That's not true at all! You put on the weight, one pound at a time - and that is how you will take it off.

Diet Courage to Succeed

Don't fear scary-looking food items such as Lolipop Kids and the like; get to know them and conquer them with Diet Courage!


Diet Oz, Reaching the Emerald City

The End of Dieting

Just as there is a beginning, there is an end.  We work very hard, we resist cakes of decadent chocolate, carved wing-dings of roasted Spam, and rocky roads of ice cream - and there it is! The wonderful land of Diet Oz in the distance.

We run, head long, zooming past the carts of caramel apples, the buckets of expensive caviar, and the ponds filled with tasty -yet high calorie margaritas!  

We run and we run and we run and suddenly we are at the gates of The Emerald City! The great Emerald City of Diet Oz!

We sail through the gates and think, "My glorious Diet Journey is coming to an end! I have almost reached my goal weight!" 

Suddenly, we are standing before the Diet Wizard himself! Oh my, he is so powerful - so smoky and big-headed.

When we think he is going to grant us our magic Diet Number to etch on our Diet Scales, he screws with us and tells us to prove our Diet Self!  We are suddenly confused.....yes, confused and desperate.  For we have come such a long way, we have traveled so very far on our journey. And by gosh, come Good Witch or Bad Witch, we intend to see this through!

When Perseverance Pays Off With Weight Loss Results

So we ask, "Oh great and powerful Wizard, what do you further require of me?"  And he says, "You must prove yourself by bringing me the broomstick of the Evil Witch Watcher! The broomstick is made of delicate, rich milk chocolate - not imitation, you see. And if you can resist this, you can resist anything! Now GO!"

And we think, "Oh my. Can I really get to the end of the Diet Rainbow? Will my Diet Dreams come true? Have I the Diet Brain? The Diet Heart? The Diet Courage?"

Something suddenly calls to us from afar in a faint voice, "Come here my little pretty! I want to pack all the weight back onto you! I'll get you plump and unclever and then, well then I'll-"

But before the Witch Watcher finishes her threat, you toss a big bucket of rain water on her that you collected from the tornado, and you douse her evil rambling, negative thoughts! Just like that! Snap! Gone! Erased! Just like your weight!

Quickly, you snatch up the broomstick and head back to the Wizard. At this point, you just may beat the living daylights out of him with the chocolate broom. For you are very tired of Diet Games - Games that must stop!  

Once you arrive, you walk the long hall leading to the Wizard's chamber. Once there, you pour out your heart, your mind; you face him with all your courage and you let the weasel know that you want to go home - that you want to pass through the gates leading away from The Old Diet Trail.

You tell him that you may not have all the things that he requires, but you have tried so very hard.  

Finally, We Reach the Stage of Permanent Weight Loss Success

And he looks at you and he says, "Oh dieter.... All along, you've had what you have needed to pass through the final gates to Weight Loss Success. For all of these things are within you. Yes, I could have provided you with tips, with healthy recipes,with diet tricks - but all along, the magic is within you!

YOU ALONE held the key to Diet Success AND to Diet Failure.

YOU are the 'Gifted One'.  

And on your long, weary journey, you have only learned how to use your gifts wisely. And this alone, and you alone, have brought you here, to the final gates leading to your Diet Dream."

Of course, you know the rest - a fairy with a big beaded chest appears, waves her wand, you cry a lot (mostly because you are frightened of her 1940's hair-do) (and because you've lost your dog-gone little dog), and you're suddenly transported over the rainbow with the help of nothing more than the shoes that you walked on The Old Diet Trail in.

That Wizard was no help at all! You suddenly regret not stoning him with your stale arsenal of rice cakes.

Putting all your dismal thoughts aside, you delight in the numbers etched on your golden scales! Dreams really do come true and there's no place like Diet Bites home.  

There's No Place Like Diet Bites

So many times in life we are searching for treasure that is buried in our own backyard. We need look no further - and it is ours for the taking.

If you really want to lose weight - your dream is yours for the taking. It's in your very own backyard waiting to be dug up by you.

There is no one who can deny you your dream. And only you can make your dream come true.

While at times, particularly if you have a lot of weight to lose - it might appear an impossible dream - an impossible situation, but I'm here to assure you that it is indeed, doable.

While an excellent and healthy weight loss plan will assist, as well as a good healthy dose of activity and exercise balanced with relaxation, the key in achieving your weight loss goals as well as maintaining your new healthy weight is to be found in your level of motivation.

How bad do you want to lose weight?

The answer to this question by everyone who needs to lose weight is, "Really bad."

But when we slightly amend the question to, "Do you want to lose weight more than you want to eat that cookie, that donut, that pile of French fries and so forth," the answer is up to you and only you.

There are some things that we must remember when it comes to weight loss:

Dreaming about weight loss won't make the dream come true. We must take it upon ourselves to bust our little Diet Hiney to get the job done.

Telling ourselves that we will go on a diet some time in the future is nothing more than a Diet Illusion. We are merely fooling ourselves.  

Gorging the day before or the week before or even the month before we have planned our diet is sheer craziness. We trick ourselves into believing that these are 'free' calories. What we are actually doing is packing even more weight on that we will need to lose.

When we see something that we know we shouldn't eat and then we eat it, we spend the rest of the day chastising ourselves for doing the deed. We actually feel even more miserable than if we had simply refused the goody.

We must all realize that the number on our scales is simply that - a number.  Some of us look and feel best at different weights. Don't take much merit in the number's game, rather depend on your good judgment to reach a weight and size that is best for you.

Until always remember - there's no place like Diet Bites home and we'll do all that we can to keep you motivated to lose those excess pounds as well as to maintain your new healthy weight.

Weight loss is very achievable as well as maintaining your ideal weight.

You just have to decide which you want more. That cookie or weight loss.

This doesn't mean that you can't ever enjoy a cookie in your life again; it does mean that you'll need to calculate the amount of calories contained in that cookie into your daily calorie total in order to state a claim to your recommended weight.

Go tigers!  

Get busy today - never put off anything that you can do today for another day. The sooner you begin, the sooner that you'll achieve weight loss success and most importantly, a better level of health.

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