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If you're looking for something good to eat that is low in calories, low in fat, and tastes 'von-da-ful' then check out our simple recipe for Giraffe Sticks.

This recipe will stick to your ribs without sticking to your hips!

Recipe Ingredients for Giraffe Sticks

Several celery sticks, strings removed and celery washed
1 cup of lean chicken, finely shredded
1 small green onion, diced - washed and dried
1-3 Tablespoons of Miracle Whip Light or Reduced Fat Mayo
1 Tablespoon of chopped English walnuts
1/2 your favorite variety of apple, diced
sea salt & cracked pepper to suit personal taste
1 teaspoon of dark or golden raisins, and this is an optional ingredient

How to Prepare

Basically, what we're aiming to do is to prepare a chicken salad that is light in dietary fat content and caloric values which we will use to stuff our celery sticks. The chicken should be cut quite small so that it sits easily into the grooves of the celery sticks rather than riding on top of the wave of Mayo.

To begin preparing this recipe, let's ready our celery so it will be nice and dry. When celery sticks are wet or even slightly damp, getting any type of mixture to stick to them is almost impossible. But when the troughs are nice and dry, the mixtures will glide onto the stick.

Let's remove those pesky strings in the celery so that you or other diners won't think you've bitten into a human hair rather than a celery string. Nothing is more appetizing - except perhaps, finding a fly or bug in one's salad or meal.

After the celery has all the strings removed, let's wash it again and give it a good rub with a paper towel. You can also use a kitchen cloth but use one other than cotton as the fibers tend to stick to the celery.

In that event, the diner might assume that they have bitten into animal fur. Hair and fur - not desirable.

Add the shredded chicken to a small bowl. If you wish to season the chicken, then please feel free to do such. If you're short on time, rather than using canned chicken - try the rotisserie chicken in the deli section of your market instead.

Preparation Notes, Suggestions, Calories in Recipe

Canned chicken is a grand product but because it is pressurized amid canning, it takes on a 'canned' flavor, as do almost-all canned foods.

Think about green beans in a can taste anywhere close to fresh green beans? Corn? Spinach? Carrots? The fresher the source, the closer to the food's natural flavor.

Now we're ready to add the diced green onion, the English walnuts which contain a healthy dose of Omega 3's, the chopped apple and the Miracle Whip Light - or your favorite reduced fat Mayo if you prefer.

Also stir in the golden or dark raisins. The golden raising will add a bit more beauty to the recipe than the dark - but you may of course find things the opposite. It's all about our own personal tastes and favorite flavors.

Spread the chicken salad mixture into the celery grooves. You can dust with a bit of ground paprika if you wish.

This entire recipe contains less than 300 calories and is a very healthy choice!

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