Disproportionate Weight Syndrome

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Do You Suffer From Disproportionate Weight Syndrome?

You've exercised until your tongue's blue and your buttocks still look like 2 Dodge Ram hubcaps YET your torso is thinner than Olive Oyl's!  

If this sounds familiar, you may be a victim of Disproportionate Weight Syndrome, where some parts of the body are bigger than others.  

We've all seen it: The woman with the thin-as-a-rail torso with a bottom that looks like the Hindenberg.

Or the guy with the large, strongly built body, who has a tiny head - and looks a lot like one of the characters from Beatlejuice.

It's a simple case of awkward genes and all the King's horses, and all the King's men, can't put our bodies back into proportionate size again. When most of us were made, we broke the mold and there is just no going back.

Are Their Any Cures or Remedies?

Will exercise work? Can a person pound down those torpedo-sized hips and thighs with mega exercise so that they parallel with that tiny torso? Can breasts be blown from A-cup size to C-cup size with exercise?

Can apple-doll sized heads be enlarged to fit onto bodies of Giant Marshmallow Men with exercise? Or can heads be shrunken to fit properly onto tiny bodies with exercise?

Not hardly.

Wait! Will plastic surgery work?  

If a person with Disproportionate Weight Syndrome has a lot of money, then perhaps. But they should be prepared for many bumps along the rocky road. Plastic surgery is not only expensive, it hurts. And there is no guarantee that it will work.

So what can be done for those of us suffering from Disproportionate Weight Syndrome?  

I'm Perfect & You're Not

If it affects you - among other things, you may feel overweight because one part of your body is larger than the other. And when you diet, your smaller body part appears to lose weight fastest! You may feel like you are fighting a losing battle. And you may feel depressed and angry.

If so - let's take a look around our world, our country, our state, our town, our street.  Fact is, there are few 'perfectly built bodies' in this world.

Perfect, Linda!Meet Mr. Perfect.  I'm Linda...Meet Ms. Perfect.

Do you think that these perfect people live in a perfect world?  Perhaps they have a perfect life with no problems?  Everything is peachy.  

They are never bothered by mosquitoes or diarrhea. They never experience a cavity or an ingrown toenail. 

They also have perfect mates and perfect kids, as well as perfect parents and so forth.

Unfortunately, even people with 'near-perfect' bodies experience problems.  

The 'perfect-looking' body isn't always 'the best' body. It's time to enter THE REAL WORLD!

A person suffering from Disproportionate Weight Syndrome may actually be happier than Mr. or Ms. Perfect!

And the things that you don't like about your body may be what someone else adores in you.

For example, I have a tooth that drives my husband Tom crazy whenever I smile a certain way. We've been married for so long now that when I want something, I've perfected the smile so that it best-shows that magical tooth. There is just something about that tooth - a tooth that I have always 'not liked'.  

So, learn to accept yourself and to like yourself just the way that you are!  

Even if you are wanting to lose a bit of weight, try to remember that you're probably never going to be totally satisfied with how you look.

Believe me, even Mr. and Ms. Perfect have things about their bodies that they would like to change. Imagine that.

By learning to accept how we look allows us to live life in a less stressful environment.

So relax, concern yourself with living a healthier lifestyle and allow nature to take its course.  

Remember, you are unique and original. There is no one else like you. And that is a VERY good thing because you, in your own right, are simply perfect!


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