Lacking Motivation to Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Transform Dreadful Diet Into Delightful Diet

Dreadful diet time. Why couldn't we all have been born thin?

The worst part of a diet is being on one. Stuck on a never-ending trail of boring food, sweaty exercises and lost Twinkies. Yes, it looks like it's going to be another one of 'those' days!

A day without all of the foods that we really ENJOY eating. There's nothing on earth quite as miserable - except getting sand between your buttocks.  

About 99.9% of the time, people make a decision to go on a diet right after they've consumed a large meal.  

When we're stuffed to the brim, that's when we feel most motivated to lose the excess weight.

And about .01% of the time, we make that decision at a local mall when trying on clothes that don't fit - in a size that USED to fit! Never, ever, never has anyone ever decided to venture onto the Old Weight Loss Trail when they have been in starvation mode.

So let's assume that you've decided to hook up with a new diet. Before you get seriously into this diet relationship, look very closely at your Diet Plan. Examine it with a critical eye at length.  

A Satisfying Diet Plan is Most Apt to Boost Motivation

The Delightful Diet contains all of the following elements.

- at LEAST 1,200 calories per day, but take note that some individuals may require even more calories.

- 3 meals per day and ALL the foods housed within the Official Food Pyramid

- healthy snacks

- MODERATE exercise, 3-4 times per week

- It contains tips and techniques that you can use to keep on track while dieting.

- It contains sample recipes that don't require a PhD to assemble and cook.

- It RECOMMENDS that YOU make your food choices.

- And it recommends a daily multi-vitamin with no 'miracle supplements' to purchase.

Description of an Unhealthy Diet Plan Which Decrease OR Destroys Motivation to Continue to Lose Excess Pounds

With that out of the way, let's see what The Dreadful Diet is comprised of:

*The Dreadful Diet contains less than 1200 calories per day, usually in the form of liquids that taste like ground up insects.

* It does not permit snacking of any kind. Heaven forbid that an innocent rice-cake become lodged between your teeth!

* It prohibits sodas, even diet sodas, sugar, oil, butter and even peanut butter! Gasp!

* It may focus on a single food item such as popcorn, grapefruit or eggs.

* It contains a plethora of exercises and may even be kind enough to recommend a favorite machine on which you can reach Weight Loss Success simply, in 2 months, by making 24 complicated payments.

* The Dreadful Diet contains pre-packaged foods that you must purchase OR a list of food items that are 'A-O-K' to consume while dieting.

In Conclusion

The choice is up to YOU. You can launch out onto The Old Weight Loss Trail, setting out on a healthy diet plan that will take you through the Gates of Slimdom because it's a motivating plan.

OR you can meander onto the trail using a Dreadful Diet that will trip you, and cause you to land into the first pothole you encounter along the way (usually a brownie) (with nuts) (and frosting) (chocolate).

Stick with Diet Bites and stay the course! We'll walk hand in hand with you, supporting your weight loss efforts until you reach your goals.


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