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Fad Diet - Provocative Diet Lures

Here are some things to look for when shopping for your perfect diet and weight loss plan:

Miracle-type success stories that originate with a publicly known business deserve top billing.  

A good example is Subway Sandwiches and the Jared weight loss success story. Subway is a well known food chain and by pitching anything that wasn't viable, it would put the business at risk. Subway is NOT a fly-by-night conglomerate, so YES - it's legit.

While Jared makes an excellent example of what can be accomplished by eating a healthier diet, even if he were to put back on those unwanted pounds - it would not be the fault of Subway. But of course, Jared is a dedicated individual and is great at setting an example for all.  

In addition, their slogan incorporates the language of, "YOUR way! YOU choose!  It's YOUR choice!"  

Note: Just be certain to avoid those devilishly delicious cookies should you visit a Subway. You can either have one cookie OR another healthy 6 inch sandwich for about the same amount of calories AND that sandwich will have a lot less fat and will stick to your ribs a lot longer than a cookie.

"Howdy, pick Diet X to look thin like me!"

"Pick The Stayin Alive Diet!  It's the ONLY diet!"

"Koo che, koo che, no more poo che! Pick Diet Y to look koo che like me!"

About Fad Diets & Why They Should Be Avoided

Why are fad type diets so popular? They are fun!  And that is what dieting should be - BUT, we should also use our common sense. 

If you are in need of a gimmick in order to get on track with your diet, toss some of your favorite recipes into a hat and choose from that to plan your meals.

Work on making your recipes health-wise, which is something that can be accomplished with almost any recipe.

So, let's say that you have fallen into this trap in the past. Are you an idiot for doing such?  Well, if you are an idiot, then I am too because I fell into the trap numerous times before discovering that there isn't any magic to be bought for Weight Loss Success. Remember, the magic is WITHIN YOU!

Even when we do all that can do in diet and in fitness areas, life is still uncertain. Therefore, be extremely leery of any ad that promotes a longer, healthier life if you'll just purchase their magic pill.

Do a bit of research; what ingredients do the diet pills contain? How can these ingredients work within your body to produce weight loss? Are they harmful? Might they do more damage that good? What about the combining aspect? Will two combined ingredients be harmful where just one would have been safe?

As we can see, there are many things to consider before we put something into our bodies that we'll later regret.

Most of the weight loss supplements and diet pills work to suppress the appetite or to fool the body into thinking that it's fuller than it actually is - or maybe that should be 'isn't. Most contain a good dose of caffeine which is not required by labeling guidelines at this writing in the United States.

Caffeine is a hugely popular 'commodity' these days - which can create serious health issues when over-consumption occurs - from the jitters to a significantheadache and to elevating blood pressure to stroke level.

Fad Diets In Summary

1. They are ineffective modes for losing weight permanently.

How many people do you know, who are extremely handsome or beautiful? Unflawed? Of human perfection? Odds are, not many (if any). Provocative Diet Ads almost always post a trim beauty by their product OR a trim muscular guy with more hair on his muscular legs than a chia-pet.

Therefore, keep in mind that companies use MODELS to pitch their products. Odds are, the models have never seen a 'fat day' in their life.  

And we've allheard stories circulating about famous people that serve as advertisement spokes-people, then deny using the product.

On top of this, we have photo processing software that can change ugly feet into gorgeous feet - and plump feet into skinny feet.

2. They can be quite expensive. Save your hard-earned money for natural foods that are healthy for the body.

3. They focus on specific foods OR food groups, leaving out pieces of the nutritional puzzle that the human body requires for optimum health. During a fad diet the body can decline rapidly, thus putting it at great risk for illness and cell damage.

So think straight, buy wisely and look for that magic within you!


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