Chicken Soup
a Sniffle Solution for Colds & Flu

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Chicken Soup to Relive Stuffy Nose & Add Comfort to an Aching Body

Stuffy nose got you down? Swift relief could be just a can opener away or make our Quick Chicken Soup Recipe.

Chicken soup, a common, yet often forgotten, self-help measure during the cold and flu season.

The ‘cold and flu’ season is upon us. It’s difficult to remember just how uncomfortable you can be until you catch a nasty bug! A stuffy nose only adds to the misery of your aches and pains.

Over 100 types of cold viruses are currently known with new strains of influenza evolving every few years.  

Of course, neither will respond to antibiotics since they are viral-related. However, chicken soup works wonders in relieving the miserable symptoms associated with these illnesses.

Health Benefits of Chicken Soup

- The warm chicken broth aids in hydration.

- The warm vapors from the soup helps to shrink sinus passageways, thus reducing pressure, congestion and pain.

- Warm broth sure feels good on a sore throat.

- Chicken soup contains important vitamins and minerals, such as iron and protein that help your body gain strength, and in addition, aid in the healing process.

- Generally, the canned condensed chicken soups are rich in sodium, an essential electrolyte. One note for those with high blood pressure, or those on a sodium-restricted diet; a homemade version of chicken soup or reduced sodium soup might make a better choice.

- If your chicken soup comes from a jar or can, it’s a very convenient mode, especially if you are in a weakened condition and are alone.

- Chicken soup is tasty!

Remember, nothing beats prevention. Stay warm, eat healthy and whenever possible, avoid people who have contracted a virus.

While making that visit to the market, toss in a few lemons and Vitamin C; both are very good additions that will help your system thwart the virus.

Quick Chicken Soup Recipe

Chicken soup doesn't have to be a big affair to prepare. It basically contains three main ingredients: chicken, carrots and a grain which is usually rice, pasta or potatoes. Instant rice will be used in this recipe for chicken soup.

As a note, it's a great idea to keep a container of prepared pasta of your favorite variety on hand while dieting.

It can be quickly warmed and seasoned with salt and cracked pepper along with a bit of reduced fat margarine or a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil - and it can really come in handy when making a quick pot of soup.

Another tip for making quick soups is to have a bag a tri-mixed vegetables on hand that can be stored in your freezer. Our favorite mix is: celery, onions and bell pepper - all of which are in chopped form.

Because carrots take time to prepare we're going to use canned drained ones in our recipe. After all, this is a quick soup.

Ingredients for Quick Chicken Soup, a low calorie soup recipe

1-2 cups of raw cubed chicken with skin and visible fat removed; dark or white meat or a mix
1/2 cup of a tri-mix of onions, celery and bell pepper, chopped
1 can of fully drained carrots, the medium size
1 to 2 cups of instant white rice, depending upon how much rice you like if your soup
water and chicken bouillon cubes - about 5 and take note that these, just like chicken broth are high in sodium content
Optional ingredients: cracked pepper, chopped parsley, extra virgin olive oil

A note about the sodium content of bouillon cubes. If you'll read the label of your favorite soup, you'll quickly discover that they are mined with sodium content; even the sodium-reduced varieties of soup can be ridiculous in sodium content. To prepare a soup that is lower in sodium, cook the chicken from scratch and use the broth.

To prepare this recipe, we recommend placing a teaspoon of olive oil into the bottom of a deep pot. Add the chicken when the oil warms and turn to evenly cook the meat and express the juices.

Add the tri-mix of vegetables when the chicken juices run clear. Allow the vegetables to cook for about a minute, then add the remaining ingredients.

It will only take the rice about five minutes to fully cook after the liquid reaches a boil.

Use enough chicken water to cover the vegetables and chicken - so that it rises about 3-4 inches above the mixture.

Enjoy with whole grain crackers and a tall eight-ounce glass of reduced fat milk.


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