Centenarian, The Key to
Longevity & Fitness

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Things That Centenarians Have in Common

People are living longer these days thus providing us with vital research that has some interesting twists on why some of us live longer.

 What do most Centenarians have in common, other than longevity?

Active Lifestyle for Longer Life, Higher Quality of Life

- Being active plays an important factor in living a longer life.  

Activity gets the blood flowing to the organs and tissues in our bodies. When the body sits ore rests in one place for too long of a time, the blood flow lessens and blood clots are more likely.

If you're working at a computer desk, watching television, sewing, putting together a puzzle - or performing any other activity that requires sitting for long periods at a time, get up every ten to fifteen minutes and move about.

Doing such may prevent a health issue related to a blood clot.

The same applies to a car ride. If you're traveling a long distance in the car, be sure to stop at least every hour and walk about. You can also lift yourself off the seat using your feet and legs for traction.

Also, try stretching your legs out in front of you and flexing them every few minutes. This will assist the blood flow.

Simply put, being active keeps our system from stagnating, allowing toxins to build over time.

Daily Diet Essential to Healthy, Long Life

- Nutrition through healthy eating.  

While rather an ancient statement - it still rings true today: We are what we eat.

Years on end of unhealthy eating eventually comes back to haunt us. But healthy eating habits keep our hearts strong, our minds alert, our bones strong, and give an overall feeling of well-being.

To see how much of a difference a healthy diet makes over a poor diet, we can view photos and studies of animals. Those with the fullest, thickest coats are almost-always the ones who are being fed a nutritious daily diet.

Although a healthy diet won't guarantee that we won't experience health issues down the lane - or that we won't develop certain types of diseases, it can assist in boosting our immunity against certain health woes.

Limiting Substances: Alcohol & Tobacco

- The unhealthy impact of alcohol.

Limiting alcohol. In moderation, alcohol comes with a few benefits - but more negative than positive.

Too much alcohol in the diet can damage the liver, the kidneys and the mind. And it's very high in caloric values, thus at times - adding unwanted pounds to the body frame.

- Eliminating tobacco from one’s lifestyle.  

Smoking can shorten one’s life considerably because it effects the heart, the lungs, the throat – you name it.  

If you currently smoke, please see your doctor and ask about a program that might work to help you succeed in kicking the habit.

There is no need to die before your time. This is one area where a wise decision can indeed lengthen life span and add a higher quality of health to one's daily life.

They Look Forward to What the New Day Brings

- Thrilled about life itself.

Most importantly, having something in life to get excited about – something worth getting out of bed for each and every day.


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