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A low calorie punch recipe that's great served at parties or stored in the refrigerator to be used in a healthy diet menu....

This is a very simple, very tasty celebration punch - which as noted above can be served at gala events but can also be stored in the fridge to use in your weight loss plan.

This punch was also a hit at our son's wedding.

Party Sparkler Punch Recipe Ingredients, a low calorie punch recipe

One 2-liter bottle of Club Soda
1 large container of Cranberry-Grape Juice or Cocktail, reduced sugar
1 container of TROP50 Orange Juice (optional)
Crushed Ice

You can omit the orange juice but it adds lovely tones to this punch recipe without adding significant calories.

The orange juice contains a skinny 50 calories per serving - and what Diet Bites likes about this product is that it is a reduced sugar product which contains zero sugar substitute.

Other juice products that are commercially produced which contain sugar substitute contain about the same number of calories as TROP50.

You can also purchase this product in other flavors. Their red orange variety will also marry well with the other ingredients in this punch recipe - so add it too if you wish, and if you need a giantzilla sized bowl of party celebration punch.

How to Prepare this Punch Recipe

Simply mix 1 two-liter bottle of club soda with one bottle of reduced sugar cranberry-grape juice or cocktail. Add the crushed ice. Also incorporate the optional juices if you wish.

The club soda will add sparkle and fizz to the party punch while the juices add sweetness. If more sweetening powers are desired, add a bit of sugar OR use the no calorie sweeteners such as Equal and Splenda.

This recipe contains about 45 calories per cup, depending upon the brand of cranberry juice used. For a different flavor, experiment with the cranberry juice combinations, such as black cherry cranberry or raspberry-cranberry.

You can also use fruit that floats or sinks in the punchbowl. While and orange with the peel in tact will float, once the peeling in removed, the orange will sink.

The protective peeling creates an entirely different structure which allows for the vast difference in the sink and swim modes.

Fruits that float include: apples, cranberries, cherries, strawberries and fruits that have the peel left on them when they are sliced will at times float. Some pear slices may float but they will sink more often than they choose to float.Punch Recipe

Sherbet Punches, Quick Low Calorie Punch Recipes for Dieters

For a quick punch recipe, one need to look no further than a humble container of sherbet and a bottle of diet soda.

Sherbet is lower in caloric and dietary fat content that regular ice cream which makes it a dieter's delight.

With so many options available at the local market these days in the area of lower calorie beverages - the common home chef has a wide range of ingredients to experiment with. Unfortunately, many of us keep things in balance as we don't have a large pocketbook to play with.

Therefore, when creating your party punch recipes based on sherbet, think about the flavor combinations that will compliment one another favorably. Orange soda and orange sherbet are a no-brainer.

Healthy Ingredient Combinations to Create Luscious Punch Recipes

- Raspberry sherbet and raspberry, strawberry or grape soda;

- Lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda;

- Orange sherbet and diet cream soda;

- Pineapple sherbet and lemon-lime diet soda or pineapple soda.

To prepare the quick punch recipe, transfer the carton of sherbet to a serving container. Pour in the carbonated soda. Stir in a large container of frozen low fat whipped topping if you wish and sprinkle with colored sugar crystals.


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