July Fourth Decoration Ideas

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Make your holiday party a real blast even without the fireworks....

The best setting for your Fourth of July party might be in your own backyard.

String up strands of colorful red, white and blue lights around the area. These can be purchased for a song amid the Christmas holiday clearance at the beginning of the year.

Be sure to place out several bug deterrents. Mosquitoes in particular can make a party bite in more ways than one.

Decorate your appetizer trays with tiny toothpick flags, a small display of pride for country. Patriotic songs abound these days, so pick up a CD of your favorite and allow the music to drift in the background.

This will assist in relaxing your guests as well as put them in the party mood. And the music can also assist in the avoidance of conversation lulls, filling in the gap if needed.

A big metal tub filled with ice and poked full of beverages is a must; be sure to offer a selection of diet and non-diet beverages. Not everyone enjoys the twang of a drink mined with sugar substitute.

Decorate your serving table with the colors red, white and blue; if you don't have a patriotic tablecloth, then you can create layers of color. Where there is a will, there is always a way - just as with weight loss: 'Where there is Willpower, there is always a great weigh'.

Flag material can be sewn into rugged napkins or 'bags' to hold party serving spoons, forks and knives. And don't forget to Kiss the Diet Cook if you're not the one preparing the food and drink.

July 4th Low Calorie Menu Suggestions, Dieting Tips

Grilling your meats rather than frying will save dietary fat and calories which in turn will assist with weighty issues. Skip the fried chicken and try our Grilled Rosemary Chicken instead.

Opt for fresh fruits rather than homemade ice cream and heavy desserts. If you do enjoy a dessert, don't go A-I-P.

Marinades add calories to meats that you really don't want when dieting. Instead, opt for herbs and spices to season those grilled goodies.

Grilled meats and simply-prepared foods - such as roasted corn-on-the-cob generally contain much fewer calories and fat as salad concoctions - such as potato salads, pasta salads, etc.

Avoid celebrating with alcohol. It's loaded with calories and it also can 'load' you - so keep a clear head and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Concentrate on what you are eating. It's easy to get caught up in the activity and not actually 'taste' what you are eating.

Speaking of activity - get a game of volleyball or horseshoes going - or sack races. Any sort of activity will give your body a chance to work off a few calories and might even balance your calorie overload, should you accidentally eat more than you'd planned.

July 4th Safety Tips

Don't mix swimming and eating. After you eat, stay out of the water until your food settles a bit. And be certain to intake plenty of fluids if you are going to be outdoors, as low fluids can kick up leg cramps and that's not good around any body of water.

 Again, take in plenty of fluids, especially if you are going to be outdoors.

Wear protective sun gear and skin gear.

If you do go overboard, get right back on track with your weight loss plan on the following day.

If you are a fan of Diet Bites then you know that we are animal lovers. Therefore, before you begin your party, secure your pets as pets and fireworks do not mix. In addition, if kids are going to be invited to the festivities, ensure that they will be participating in a safe environment.

Alcoholic beverages does strange things to some people, so if something stronger than beer is being served - as well as limited per individual, then this isn't the bestenvironment for kids or pets.

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