July Fourth Menu Ideas

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Something Red, Something White, Something Blue recipes.

Delicious Low Calorie Recipes for Your Fourth of July Celebration

Each of the snazzy recipes below have been tested in the Diet Bites kitchen. Good news, too. No one got sick or died as a result. 

As a note, we have calculated the calorie content on the healthy recipes in our menu. All are based on healthy ingredients found beneath the umbrella of the official Food Pyramid; no worries about this umbrella collapsing.

Eat wisely as you pick your choices from the menu. You may also enjoy everything on the menu, but be certain to count up your daily calorie intake. Watch those serving sizes and never allow your eyes to become bigger than your tummy.

Also, you may choose to eat more or less of some of the items, depending on your favorite foods - so mix things up and enjoy.

 And we hope you have a blast as you celebrate Independence Day!

Diet Bites Fourth of July Diet Menu Suggestions

Grilled Rosemary Chicken

Firecracker Tator Salad

Bottlerocket Corn Pudding

Bang-up Deviled Eggs

Cameo Celery Sticks

Sparkler Punch

Kangaroo Tea

 Red, White & Blue Dream Cake

Hunza Bread

Preparation Suggestions & Healthy Cooking Techniques

No matter what day of the year it is or what the occasion, the methods which are used to prepare the foods and drinks do matter. Let's peer into two kitchens to see how cooking methods can greatly influence the caloric and dietary fat values of food and drink.

Betty's Kitchen

She is preparing the following foods to serve on this day of celebration:

Fried Chicken: Betty will dredge the chicken - still dressed in its skin into flour, then in an egg wash before dragging it back through a mix of all-purpose flour, sea salt and cracked pepper. Then she'll drown the poor thing in a vat of vegetable oil.

Potato Salad: Betty's heirloom recipe which was handed down by her great-great granny was once prepared with homemade Mayo.

Today, Betty will use commercially prepared full-blown Mayo, yellow mustard, pimentos, pickle relish and of course, potatoes in her recipe. She'll also add a dash of sea salt and a lot of cracked black pepper.

She might even choke the salad by dusting it with ground paprika, then smothering it with a layer of black and green olives for decoration purposes.

White Dinner Rolls: Another commercially prepared product; these little white dobs are so delicious when they are bathed in real, live butter.

Corn on the Cob: She'll boil these babies, then dunk them into the tub of butter along with the dinner rolls.

Sweet Tea: Is there anything else? Tea without sugar is a day without sunshine.

Fried Apple Pie: It's not only a family tradition, it's also a Southern tradition. She'll top the finished fried apple pie with a thick, powdered sugar glaze then add dollops of sweet whipped cream.

Dieter Betty's Kitchen

This is the same Betty only she is in Diet Mode. Let's see how she trims down her celebration meal:

Grilled Chicken: Her darling husband Hank is dragging out his big old grill for the celebration. Betty will remove the skin and visible fat, then marinate the chicken in lemon juice for about an hour before placing onto the grill. Once the grilling begins she will sprinkle on the lemon pepper. My, doesn't the neighborhood smell good right now?

Potato Salad: She makes one small but substantial adjustment in her standard, heirloom recipe which would do her great-great granny proud; she trades out full-blown Mayo for Miracle Whip Light thereby saving oodles of calories and fat grams.

Whole Grain Dinner Rolls: Another little but significant trade-off. The whole grain goodness adds more healthy values to the meal. She will serve them with reduced fat margarine that has been seasoned with rosemary and sage. This will compliment the flavors inside the grilled chicken.

Corn on the Cob: Hank helps Betty by roasting the corn on the cob to golden perfection. A little sea salt, a lot of cracked pepper and who needs that mean old fatty butter?

Tea: Betty is learning to enjoy tea without sugar these days. When she becomes desperate she might add a teaspoon or two - or she might even add a bit of sugar substitute for zero calories. Fact is, she doesn't need all of those empty calories in her diet plan.

Baked Apple Pie: Betty will opt for a single top crust on the pie which makes it a much healthier, lower calorie dessert than those fried pies ever thought about being.

The Payoff: Betty continues to use these lower calorie, lower fat techniques in her daily diet and continues to lose weight. And she feels great and looks great these days. Life is good.


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