Cheese Sandwich Recipe

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Our Sandwich is Low in Calories & Reduced in Fat Content

This sandwich is big on taste and easy on the old waist line. You won't ever need exotic ingredients to prepare our tasty, healthier recipes. Bet you've got the ingredients in your kitchen to whip up the Big Cheese right now!

Ingredients for Diet Sandwich Recipe

2 slices of whole grain bread for 120 total calories

2 slices of your favorite reduced fat cheese for 100 total calories

non stick cooking spray butter flavored

Preparation Notes

1. If you wish, you can opt for reduced fat margarine rather than the non stick cooking spray for just a few more calories. We recommend one containing no more than 50 calories per recommended serving size.

2. As to the bread, any variety can be used - from Jewish Rye to Potato to Buttermilk to Pumpernickel and so forth.

Because all foods vary in energy values - even same-foods such as slices of bread, try to keep the calories as minimal as possible. Slices that range from 50 to 70 kcals per slice make excellent options. The recipes containing whole grain goodness will provide more nutritional values.

If you are a serious dieter, purchase the 35-40 calories per slice type-breads.

3. We do NOT recommend 'diet cheese'. It doesn't have a true cheese flavor, it's too gummy, it's too bland - has too much sodium and can stick to the roof of the mouth like a clinging bat. We really love the skim-based mozzarella cheeses, most of which contain about 50 calories per slice.

4. We have several filler ideas for this sandwich - so don't miss the post below.

How to Prepare Our Diet Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Heat a non-stick skillet until hot but not smoking. Smoking isn't healthy for skillets or people for that matter.

Spray one side of each slice of bread with the cooking spray. Be generous. Remember, there are zero calories in the spray unless you really go nuts.

Next, place both slices of the bread - 'buttered' side down - onto the skillet, and watch like a hawk would a tender worm. The whole grain bread should cook at a medium rate so that it forms a crisp golden brown buttery top. Be patient.

Next, while bread continues to ''golden up'' place a slice of cheese on top of each slice of  bread. Remove one slice of bread from the skillet and transfer onto a plate. Finally, remove other slice of bread and place on top of other bread, so that the two slices of cheese meet. Is this Diet Heaven, or what? 

Calories in Our Cheese Sandwich

Total Calories: About 220 calories - depending upon the brand of bread and cheese that you use. Our cheese contained 50 calories per slice; the whole grain bread, 60 per slice.

Some fantastic fillers between the cheese include:

Hot Cheese Pepper Sandwich

1. Sliced pickled hot peppers; these include sliced jalapeno or ancho peppers. Be sure to shake all of the liquid from the peppers before adding to your sandwich.

If you wish, you can even opt for fire-roasted pepper of any variety. These make a heavenly choice and contain minimal calories. The thing with jarred or canned peppers is that they taste too salty at times due to the pickling ingredients.

Black Olive & Cheese Sandwich

2. Sliced green or black olives; this addition might tilt the sodium level and if choose to use, then watch your diet for the remainder of the day, keeping foods away that are high in sodium content and allowing the least offenders inside the gate.

Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich

3. Sliced saluted mushrooms; so many different varieties, colors - shapes and sizes to pick from, each with their own unique flavor. Simply pan grill on the stove top using cooking spray or minimal extra virgin olive oil.

Bell Pepper Cheese Sandwich

4. Sliced saluted bell peppers; unlike the jalapeno the bell pepper hasn't a hot bone in its tasty little body. And they come to the table with so many beautiful, dazzling colors - yellow and green, red and orange and at times, mixed colors. And so easy to grow.

Right now, we live in a horrible area for gardening; the soil is solid sand and the only thing that seems to grow is the ungodly sandbur. Every time we mow our yard we look like a giant porcupine. Nonetheless, we tried bell peppers last year - and to our surprise, they grew quite well.

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

5. Jarred pimentos; one of our under-appreciated foods that packs a lot of unique flavor.


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