Belching a Lot

Written by Diet Bites

Digestive Upset, the Day Ben Belched

Read & share in Ben's horrific trauma. Learn how belching can scar one for life...

Alienated. Shunned. Banned from the clan forevermore.

If the noise would have squealed from the opposite end of Ben, everyone would be laughing right now. But no! Ben had committed the ultimate evil. It was The Day Ben Belched...

Our Story Begins

Shattered dreams lay woven beneath the tattered tapestry hanging in the windows of the dirty little tavern in the distance. These were Ben's shattered dreams; and his tattered tapestry.  

Funny thing what a tiny belch at the wrong moment can do....

Ben hugged closer to the tree, watching the tattered tapestry flapping about - like an unsettling spirit. He felt a bit like a chameleon in the dark night, unsure of his surroundings, not knowing which color to turn so that he might once again blend into the crowd.  

He was embarrassed. Too torn up inside to return to the tavern.  

The quaint dinner had been going so well, too. His father had been kind enough to include Ben in the tete-a-tete, thinking his son would impress Mr. Whitfield into selling the 1992 Geo that father so wanted. His old ride was on its last leg and father had always counted on Ben's charms to give wings to his dreams. And of now, shattered dreams. Wingless shattered dreams. And it was all Ben's fault.

Ben shook his thoughts from him and concentrated on a noise in the near distance. The leaves were crunching underfoot - but not under his foot. Wonder whose foot? And the noise was growing closer....and closer....and closer...

Ben gasped, then made out the silhouette in the distance. "Daddy? Is that you, daddy?"

"Yes, gas wipe," father drawled, his tone sandblasted with irritation. "Come here, you idiot. How dare you ruin my chances with Mr. Whitfield!  He'll never sell me the Geo now! You're gonna get yours, Mister!"

"Daddy, please - you're scaring me!" Ben pleaded, hugging closer to the tree. He was so tense that he could feel his overly long nails digging into the trunk of the tree.  

"Calm down, daddy dear..."

"Don't you daddy-dear me, you idiot!  You've ruined everything - you and your illustrious belching! Onions and garlic at that!"

Belching Often Related to Foods in Daily Diet

"I'm sorry, daddy," Ben offered, batting his eyes like a window shade stuck in neutral. He was a bit scared of daddy's gravely voice. "It's my new diet, daddy. My body is still adjusting to the gassy foods. Please don't be angry."

"Angry?  I'm not angry!  I'm infuriated, Ben," father spat out, his steps drawing closer and closer and closer....

For the first time, Ben noticed something wet by his feet. The evening dew had rolled into the area. If he would not have been so concerned about daddy, he would have inspected the leather uppers of his rubber-soled shoes. It wouldn't do to experience shrinkage.

Ben concentrated on dangerous-looking daddy and tried desperately to reason. "Daddy!  Do you think that I actually intended on....on letting out that awful blasto gasto at the table? I tell you - it's my new diet. Surely you have noticed that I've lost weight? I cannot help that it takes time for my body to adjust to the gassy, low calorie foods-"

"I'll adjust you, Ben!"

Ben shrieked, but father halted as a stranger's voice permeated the air. It was Mr. Whitfield...

"Hank, please. Don't be upset with Ben," Mr. Whitfield tried to reason. "I must say that I am a bit curious to learn about his new diet." Then to Ben, "You've lost a few pounds there son? Looking good. Think you'd mind sharing some diet tips with me?"

Mr. Whitfield reached up to touch his lips in thought, then drew his eyes together like a tiny tarantula when threatened. "Oh my, excuse me. I didn't realize I'd been so liberal with the cranberry sauce at the table this evening. Ha ha ha!!"

Wiping his lips, he placed his free hand onto Ben's shoulder. "Now, about that diet, son. ..."

Needless to say, Hank got his Geo and at a fair price, too.

Ben went on to show Mr. Whitfield the art of losing weight, sharing the awesome Diet Bites site with him.  

At night they would have belching contests together. Everyone was happy and content.

And it all began in an odd sort of way, on The Day That Ben Belched......

Common Causes of Excessive Belching

You can go online and read about all of the life-threatening situation which are causing your belch-attacks, but when it's all said and done you will most likely discover that it's related to a non-life-threatening cause.

Your doctor is always your best source. The Internet tends to be inclined to embellishment - and over-blowing situations for dramatic effect.

Therefore, don't believe everything that you read - and take nothing to heart until you havespoken with your doctor.

As a personal example, about 10 years ago I was experiencing horrible pain in my upper right side. I'd had gallbladder surgery, so that was ruled out. At one point they told me I had an inverted pancreas - and after that, several theories followed.

The pain was horrible and impacted my quality of life. I experienced horrible digestive upset almost 24 hours a day and fainted twice when the pain became unbearable.

The doctors tested me until I glowed - andeven performed surgery to see if adhesions were the issue.

Four years of suffering, testing, medical bills and I still didn't have a diagnosis. Finally, I quit going to the doctor and just put up with the pain. My concern was that the tests they were performing were going to end up posting more health risks in my future.

Then one day, the pain started becoming intermittent. Then not at all.

There are still rare occasions when the pain returns - but again, rare, like once in a year and the pain doesn't last long.It's been about 5 years now since the pain left me. Obviously, I'm still alive and ticking.

I wanted to share this because at the time my pain started, the Internet was starting to become quite popular. I read all sorts of horror stories - and had almost convinced myself that I had pancreatic cancer.

My enzymes were elevated at the time and at one point I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. But in the end, the pain halted.

The body is a mysterious vessel at times. So if you are having digestive upset, including excessive belching - please don'toverreact. Stay calm - meet with your doctor and odds are, whatever the cause it's more likely to be something simple than something complicated.

Now let's address the common causes of excessive belching.

1. If you've been belting out like Ben and it's been quite unexpected, it is more likely than not the cause of the foods that you are adding to your eating plan.

Onions, garlic, shallots, chives, leeks, bananas and other raw fruits, most vegetables and many dairy products contain enzymes which cause issues with digestion - thus producing the gas effect.

2. You may be overfilling the stomach. Try eating several small meals rather than 3 large ones.

3. You may have an irritation in the belly or digestive track - such as an ulcer.

4. You may be eating too fast and gulping down air as you eat. Slow down, chew your food thoroughly and see if that helps.

If you are gulping down liquids, try using a straw to slow down the flow - but keep in mind that straws are also related to creating gas.

One just can't win, can they?

5. Common health conditions associated with excess belching include: irritable bowel syndrome, pyloric stenosis [which generally occurs in boy babies - but I'm a girl and I had this condition at birth - and it can occur in older individuals], wheat allergies, gallbladder disease, and lactose intolerance. All of these conditions are treatable and generally do not impact life span.


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