7 Day Diet Review

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What is the 7 Day Diet?

The 7 Day Diet is a quite risky fad diet when it comes to your good health and one that we cannot recommend.  

Basically, the daily menus are based on one food group which leaves nutrition hanging in the wind with a 'Please Help Me Quick Nitwit' sign.

ANY weight-reduction plan that targets excess belly and body fat by using one particular 'magic', 'super' or 'incredible' food OR food group is one that should raise all sorts of warning flags. Keep in mind that the human body was designed to run on a variety of foods, not just one.

History has shown us the negative and quite serious health impacts for individuals who were deficient in vitamins and minerals due to poor dietary habits. Even if today's world, if much of our foods weren't enhanced through commercial enrichment processes, many of the population would see the results of a daily diet lacking in sufficient nutrients.

Keep in mind that people that are overweight are often diagnosed as malnourished. This is in-part due to their food preferences - such as chocolate cake over fresh fruit, fried vegetables over natural vegetables, and too many proteins which contain too many fatty acids. Cholesterol, saturated, Trans fats - all add up to significant health risks as time marches on.

The 7 Day Diet menu begins on a Monday, Eat Unlimited Amounts of Fruit

Let the torture begin - or should we say starvation? Both would aptly apply.

Today, the 7 Day Diet allows the dieter to eat as much fruit as they wish - except bananas. That's a shame because bananas are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. There is absolutely no food combining data OR scientific studies to back up any theory that bananas have an impact on governing weight. That they in some way - when eaten with certain foods - or on certain days, will impact the stored fat reserves within the body.

Facts prove that body weight is the result of energy balance, not based on the types of foods consumed.

Nonetheless, for Monday's menu -  if the dieter has a yang for apples, they could eat to their heart's content. Trouble is, apples contain about the same amount of calories as bananas. Pears also contain about the same amount, as do other fruits such as mangos, papaya and some varieties of berries.

Oh well, since we can't have bananas, perhaps we can have a few plantains?  And are finger bananas out?

Seriously, it would be quite easy for the individual on this diet to consume 15 or more fruits and rack up quite a few calories. One thing is certain - their body would drift towards the alkaline side, but for some who have regulating issues - this too could pose health issues. While an alkaline body is desirable over an acid one, if it becomes too alkaline, the results can prove just as serious as those associated with an over acid condition.

Tuesday Menu, Unlimited Amounts of Vegetables

Today, the dieter gets to eat all the vegetables that they wish. Woe be to the unlucky mate whose partner chooses broccoli and cabbage.

Nonetheless, this food group is also mined with natural foods which are rich in calories - like potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and most varieties of winter squash.

And do we see a pattern emerging here? It appears that the 7 Day Diet is focusing on one Food Group per day. We've see the Fruit Group, now the Vegetable Group - and yes, tomorrow we'll get to combine the two.

Wednesday Menu, Unlimited Amounts of Fruits & Vegetables

Rock a-bye Diet Baby. Today, the dieters gets to enjoy a combination of the Monday diet menu and the Tuesday diet menu. They may eat all of the fruits and veggies that they desire, except of course - those pesky bananas.

Thursday Menu, Eat 5 Bananas, 5 Glasses of Whole Milk

Okay - now the diet goes ape on bananas - allowing five whole bananas with the size unspecified. Smarter individuals will definitely pick from the largest selections.

Oh - and five glasses of whole milk. Wonder how much the dieter's glass contains if measured by cups? All glasses are not created equal in the Land of Slimdom. Some glasses hold 3, 4 or more cups. Just ask a Mister Big Gulp.

Also, we see that the 7 Day Diet is highlighting the Dairy Group today, along with the Fruit Group.

Friday Menu, 4 Ounces of Meat, Unlimited Green Vegetables

Oh goody - because today the dieter gets to eat four whole ounces of meat with unlimited green veggies.

We've hit pay-dirt, folks - because now we've invited the Protein Group to the party. Still missing in action - the Grain Group. Yeah, that's the one that officially recommends 6-11 servings daily for good health. It's the one containing all those energy-providing carbohydrates.

We're missing the Staff of Life - bread, along with tortillas [both corn and flour], pasta, all varieties of rice, couscous, cereal and other foods that reside inside this healthygroup.

But guess what? There is a trick hiding behind the menus thus far in the 7 Day Diet. What to know what it is? Okay - here's the reveal. When carbohydrates are omitted from the daily diet, water weight loss will ensue because carbs react like a sponge within the body, holding precious water. So those lost pounds aren't actually fat - they are comprised chiefly of water and lost muscle.

Saturday Menu, Repeat of Friday's Menu

Boring!  Another repeat of Friday with four ounces of beef and unlimited green veggies. Don't dare touch that straight-necked yellow squash as only green ones are allowed. At this point, one might feel like the Jolly Green Giant....

Sunday Menu, More of the Same Foods

On another boring note at that with four ounces of beef and unlimited vegetables. After this, the individual who went on this fad plan will never want to look at another innocent stalk of celery, or a broccoli floweret, or a leaf of spinach.

The 7 Day Diet is a Recipe for Massive Health Issues

We could not recommend the 7 Day Diet to our worst enemy - even if we had one.

1. It is severely lacking in energy values. There aren't enough in each menu to keep a Texas-sized gnat alive.

2. It restricts Food Groups, thus the menus lack essential vitamins and minerals. This presents significant risks to health and can prove fatal, particularly when hidden health issues are added to the equation.

3. It is one of the nuttier fad diets.


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