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The Chocolate Diet Review

Fad Diets for Weight Loss

Written by Diet Bites

This Independent Review is intended for informational purposes only.

Heart Healthy Benefits

With the breaking news that chocolate may be beneficial to our health comes this disastrous fad diet - The Chocolate Diet.

Don't get us wrong - we're big fans of chocolate and have long said that it should be one of the basic food groups. Unfortunately, it isn't.  

Chocolate Can't Replace Essential Vitamins & Minerals

The sad thing about this method for losing weight is that it acts as a vitamin replacement, supposedly to fight against heart disease, high blood pressure, as well as to replenish necessary nutrients.

Chocolate supplements come in the form of solids and liquids and one can only imagine the chocolaty delight that hits the old taste buds.

Although this may be one of the tastiest fad diets on the scene, exercise caution.  

Yes, chocolate may have its place in our diet and may provide some nifty health benefits. Just don't be bowled over by anyone playing on your taste buds as they are trying to push their so-called weight loss products.

Beware of Chocolate Diet Scams

The truth hurts, but at this point it's more about THEIR potential to make money than benefits to YOUR health.

Oh - and by the way, if that hunk of goodness isn't in the form of dark rather than white or milk, health benefits basically fly out the Dietary Window.

Healthy Tips for Chocolate Lovers

While The Chocolate Diet isn't the road to take to healthy permanent weight loss success, we can insert a bit of the dark variety into our diets.

Chocolate Dipped Nuts & Fruit

Can you add these to your diet plan and still lose weight? You bet! Just be sure that the fruits are dipped into 'real' dark rather than bark which is basically a candy coating with 'zero to none' nutritional value.

Chocolate Cake Diet Recipe

Can you really enjoy chocolate cake while losing weight? Absolutely! Remember the old saying, everything in moderation. Plus one more little thing. We need to make wise food selections.

In the area of chocolate cake that equals chocolate angel food or sponge cake. You can prepare the cake at home as you wish using your favorite angel food cake recipe and adding powdered dark cocoa to the recipe - or you can use a commercial box and add the dark cocoa powder.

Slice the cake in half so that you have two layers. Angel food cake is generally baked into a tube pan, so this allows us to easily split the cake into layers. Add fresh sliced strawberries that have been mixed with light, low fat whipped topping to the center of the cake.

Replace the top layer and 'frost' with more reduced fat whipped topping.

Another food selection that can allow you to enjoy a nice bite of chocolate - but unfortunately isn't of the dark variety is a simple cupcake with icing for about 180 calories. The Little Debbie chocolate covered marshmallow are also rich and chocolaty and contain only 140 calories each.

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