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Written by Diet Bites

The Cabbage Soup Diet - Contains a tasty soup recipe that will fit well into most any dieter's weight loss plan. But the overall diet plan? Not so much....

The Blood Type Diet - Sci-fi movie or actual diet plan? You decide.

The Popcorn Diet - A diet plan that will definitely pop your Diet Balloon. While whole grains are a very healthy choice for the daily diet, the body must also be fed a combination of foods - each coming to the table with their own mix of vitamins and minerals.

When our nutritional needs are found lacking, weight loss may become a struggle and the body may in turn be encouraged to put on pounds rather than drop them.  

The Grapefruit Diet - The Grapefruit Diet is intended as a jumpstart for the dieter and should never be used for anything more less health becomes compromised.

South Beach Diet -  Dieting really can be a beach! We have our take on this hugely popular weight loss plan that has swept the world in waves. 

One Good Meal Diet - The most puzzling thing about this fad diet is that the One Good Meal is exactly that: One Good Meal per week leaving the body....well, you guessed it - weak. And when one has a weak body it does not take long before that once-strong and powerful willpower to lose weight also becomes weak.

The Scarsdale Diet - Some good menu suggestions that can be incorporated into the daily diet. Also fad diets can't compare in healthy benefits or in setting a healthy eating pattern for life, there are things that can be gleaned at times that can assist the dieter in a healthier weight loss plan built upon the solid rock of the official food pyramid.  

The Chocolate Diet - Can the Chocolate Diet Plan really be a dream come true for chocolate lovers? Even if the chocolate is in its healthier dark chocolate form? Unfortunately, we think not....

The Metabolism Diet - Although intended to boost metabolism, a starvation diet accomplishes just the opposite - tossing the dieter into metabolism lock-down, slowing down to a snail's pace to conserve precious calories.  

The Slimfast Jumpstart Diet - A liquid diet that might have dieters jumping back on their diet instead of jumping forward to achieve permanent weight loss. Logic alone tells us that liquid doesn't last long and cannot possibly quell appetite - even those liquid supplements which are mined with protein grams.

The 3 Day Diet - The 3 Day Diet has been circling the Diet Village for a long while now. Can an individual really drop significant pounds in just three days? Safely?  And will those pounds stay away?  For good? Let's take a look and see, shall we?

The Atkins Diet - Popular low carb diet plan that has helped many an individual shed pounds rapidly. But how effective is it? Can it be used by all dieters? Are their side effects?

The 7 Day Diet - Basically, the daily menus are based on one food group which leaves nutrition hanging in the wind with a 'Please Help This Nitwit' sign. Don't be a nitwit by embracing this putrid quick diet plan that is more diet-geared than weight loss minded.

The Portfolio Diet  - If you are in need of lowering your cholesterol, this diet might be worth investigating a bit further.

Although some cholesterol-lowering medicines work very well in balancing our numbers, there are risks with almost any medication. Fighting cholesterol with the daily diet can make a very effective tool in winning the battle for better health.


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