The Popcorn Diet

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Our independent review of this unique method for losing weight; it is healthy? Safe? Effective? We have the answers.

Is the Popcorn Diet Safe? Effective? We have the answers...

Is a diet filled with popcorn your ticket to weight loss success? This fad diet is filled with lots of things, but mostly bad things, and certainly isn't a ticket to weight loss success.

This applies to all weight loss plans which place the emphasis on one food and which neglect the 5 food groups.

Is it safe? Not hardly. In fact, if your daily eating plan is filled chiefly with popped corn, it's highly-likely to be quite acidic. If the condition continues, it can mutate to acidosis, requiring medical intervention.

Popcorn's Healthy Benefits

It's generous in dietary fiber at 0.9 grams per cup.

Hot-air varieties are ultra low in calories and fat.

It's available in several varieties, including gourmet, at most markets.

Popcorn's Negative Benefits

Here are just a few negatives of a diet filled with more Corn than Pop:

Can be High in Calories, Fatty Acids

Popcorn can contain more calories and fat than potato chips. Though hot-air popped corn contains about 23 calories per cup, when you add butter to your pop, those fat grams and calories take on new heights.

Excessive in Sodium Content Which Triggers Water Retention, False Pounds

Salted varieties equal sodium issues for individuals who are susceptible to the side-effects of too much in the diet which include bloating, swelling - particularly in the hands, feet, ankles and facial areas, and water retention which can mimic false weight gain. Salted popped corn is extremely high in sodium, particularly the varieties that add special seasonings such as cheese flavoring.

Without Additives, Taste is Bland

Popcorn by itself is pretty boring.  What is the first thing that we do when it gets boring? We search for tasty additives, like butter.

Allergies, Vitamin & Mineral Absorption Issues Related to Popcorn

Too much corn blocks the absorption of Vitamin B.  Individuals deficient in this Vitamin may experience skin rashes, depression, anemia, memory loss, and low energy levels.

Corn is a very common allergen.

Some individuals are 'corn sensitive' and lack the ability to digest corn. The affected individual may experience skin rashes, hives, gastro upsets, breathing problems, and in rare cases, life threatening anaphylaxis.

The Popcorn Diet is an Unhealthy Mode for Losing Weight Permanently, or in a Healthy Manner

This natural food CAN be a great contribution to your diet and get you to that magic number on your scales.

However, mankind does not live by popcorn alone.

Facts & Healthy Information Related to Popped Corn

Fun Fact: Kernels burst up to 30 times their original size when popped.

Choking Hazards

Important Note: This super food is one of the top 5 foods that kids choke on under the age of five. If you have a little one, doctors recommend that the hulls be completely removed and that the white soft kernel be broken into micro pieces.

Our Advice for The Popcorn Diet

Diet Bites' Fad Analysis: Incorporate this super food into your healthy diet. 

An eating plan which focuses on one food focus isn't going to meet your nutritional needs and should always be a 'stop, look, listen' before proceeding type event. Like this diet, they are fads which fad in time.


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