Anorexia & Bulimea
Dying to Lose Weight


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A serious look at Anorexia & Bulimea

Diet Bites concentrates on motivating individuals to lose weight in an uplifting, humorous mode. We rarely get scary-serious, so this article is one of our rare exceptions. Actually, we are going to get deadly serious.

If you are currently starving to lose weight, this article might be of help because quite frankly, you are dying to lose weight - literally.

Some readers have asked, "Why would someone starve to death on purpose?"

1. The American Medical Association's Home Medical Encyclopedia explains it like this: "Anorectics are often highly conforming people and anxious to please, even obsessional in their habits. As their bodies change with puberty, anorectics try to take control over their lives by dieting stubbornly. It seems as if they do not wish to grow up and are trying to keep their childhood shapes. The exercise of control also helps anorectics compensate for a general sense of ineffectiveness."

And then, we at Diet Bites have considered these possibilities.

Consumed With Thinness, Beauty

2. In this day and age, slimness seems to be superimposed with beauty. Simply put, an anorectic sometimes believes that if one is not thin, they are not beautiful.  Keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether it's through a looking glass at one's own self, or through the wise eyes of others.

Fear of Becoming Fat

3. The underlying fear is generally that of becoming fat.

Anorexia & Bulimea Generally Targets the Young

4. As this disease most always occurs in young people who are at a sensitive age, seeking an identifying factor to define a distinct personality, many times they take on an eating disorder to obtain attention from peers or parents.

The sad fact is that 5 to 10 percent of anorectics end up dying from starvation or suicide.

How is anorexia treated?

This is an extremely serious disease, as it is life-threatening.  Most of the time, hospitalization is required for treatment.

If a person has an eating disorder will they always appear underweight?

NO!  In fact, many people with bulimia are normal weight or slightly underweight.  

If you are concerned about having an eating disorder, or if you know someone who does, you should seek medical help immediately OR encourage that friend to do such. Unfortunately, Diet Bites doesn't have a magic pill containing a cure although we wish that we did.

If you are finding yourself entertaining thoughts of vomiting after eating or taking laxatives or exercising excessively, please talk to someone who can help guide you - such as a parent or teacher.  

Once you start this cycle, it's almost impossible to break and you may find yourself dying to lose weight.

Serious Side Effects of Anorexia & Bulimea

At minimum you will inflict great damage to your state of health. Here are just a few of the side effects that purging brings:

Health Risks of Induced Vomiting

Vomiting brings acid into the throat which slowly erodes the tissue.

Laxatives Can be Accompanied With Permanent Ill-Health Effects, Including Loss of Bowel Functioning

Laxatives as well as heaving amid vomiting keep the digestive system in continuous utter turmoil. In addition, if the individual becomes sensitized to laxatives they may lose control of the bowel functions.

The Circle of Purging

As soon as the food or drink is purged, the body will quickly regroup where the appetite is concerned and demand to be fed again. It's one solid viscous circle.

The Stench of Anorexia & Bulimea

The stench alone involved amid vomiting and diarrhea should make one think about taking such severe and harmful methods into their control rather than allowing the body to work normally. Simply put - this is the main crux of the situation; the individual is telling the body, "You're not in control anymore - I am and you'll perform as I instruct you to perform."

And this in itself is a form of control, signaling that the individual may be lacking control elsewhere in their everyday life. Perhaps they have parents or a working situation which they cannot control, and purging is something that they feel they can control.

But only for so long - as at some point, the body will balk and refuse to surrender to such tactics. And as they say, payback isn't swell....


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