Homemade Butter Recipe

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The Butter Diet

Sure, butter is excessive in harmful fatty acid content which can create health issues over time - but does this mean that we should avoid it forever? No more golden melty ooze for our pancakes? On our smashed potatoes? On our freshly baked Hunza Bread?

Of course not. Life wouldn't be life without a little yellow sunshine every now and then, now would it?

Therefore, we'd like to offer you a healthier option to the butters available at your local market.

Before we get started with our recipe, keep in mind that it's as old as the hills. It's a recipe used by my great grandmother. It is not low in lipids or in caloric values. However, it's very ingredient-friendly. And by that we mean this....

Preservatives in Commercially Prepared Butters

Looking on the package of most butter, you may see some of these ingredients: liquid soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, vegetable monoglycerides, soy lecithin, sodium benzoate, calcium disodium, citric acid, artificial flavorings, and other fuzzy words that I cannot even pronounce - much less spell.

Our recipe for butter contains no NO added preservatives, so there's the healthy plus. Just don't eat too much or you'll be looking around in the plus-size department when you don't want to really be there.

Recipe Ingredients for Homemade Butter

1 carton of REAL Whipping Cream (at least 4% milk fat)
1 sealable container OR plastic bag
Couple of pinches of salt

How to Prepare This Recipe

Pour a container with a lid about 1/3 full with cream and shake for about 7 - 15 minutes. Kids love to help. Your shakes should be about 60 per minute - or one shake per second.

When the butter forms, simply drain away the excess 'buttermilk' which is indeed drinkable and will taste very sweet - unlike your usual market buttermilk. This liquid may also be used in a recipe as a substitution for milk or most liquids.

Mix a couple of pinches of salt into your butter. Enjoy.

A True Story About Butter

I remember as a very young girl, my teacher decided that the class should experience making butter. If I'm remembering correctly, this was in the first grade. My teacher was very sweet, kind and nice to her class.

My second grade teacher was Godzilla in the flesh, with a fire-breathing breath - and her flames shot out quite far. I went home many a day terrified of her, shaking, and crying. Thankfully my parents moved mid-stream in the year and my grades shot to A's; my teachers at Birdville Elementary were angels.

Anyway, back to the first grade - our lovely teacher was wise enough to get two containers for making butter. One for the boys and one for the girls. She positioned us in two circles - one consisting of boys and one of the girls and we would shake the jar for a minute then pass it to our friend next to us. And as luck would have it, the boys dropped their jar and the liquid went everywhere along with shards of glass.

But our nice teacher didn't make an issue of it; she simply requested a clean-up which she moved the boys out of the field of disaster and they joined our circle. Later in the day she gave us saltine crackers which we enjoyed with the cool butter.

While I must have been only six years old, the situation left a lasting impression on me and I clearly remember it to this day - yet my first grade teacher never knew the positive impression that she left on mylife.

You know, life is like that. We may never know when we really help someone or make their life more joyful, just by doing a very little thing.

And on the other hand, when someone is rude or ugly to others or makes them their whipping boy, we never forget that either.

Our adrenalin burns memories onto our brain - and once they are there they are almost impossible to erase whether good or bad.

And for some reason, it's a lot easier to recall the bad memories than the really good ones.

On that note, go out today and make some great memories. Do something that will make you remember a particularly great moment. Experiencing pleasant things in life reduces stress which in turn can work favorably towards losing weight as well as maintaining a healthy weight.

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