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A Quick Diet Experiment & Diet-Saving Tips: Diet Bites has invented a FUN test to help you fight off The Blob.

How the Butter Blob Measures UP & Influences Body Weight

The Blob of Butter: Stop. Dieters are taking to the streets in groves pursued by an unidentified yellow blob. Stop. Blob claiming to be friendly.

Stop. Blob identified as Butter by the infamous Diet Bite's Health Patrol. Stop.

Unhealthy Side Effects of Excess Fat in the Daily Diet

This yellow blob is solid fat. Although fat is necessary in our daily diet to ensure optimum health, too much fat can cause serious, undesirable consequences such as:

High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Stoke, Diabetes

Creating new health concerns OR contributing negatively to existing health concerns, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure & heart problems.

Overweight & Obesity Issues Connected to Excess Lipids in the Diet

Too much fat can add unwanted plump to our bodies known as obesity and overweight - each of which create other health problems that can be simple to serious. Whether the individual experiences discomfort in their tighter wardrobe or tightness in their chest related to a serious heart issues - overweight and obesity are not to be ignored.

Digestive Issues Associated With Fatty Acids

Too much fat can trigger digestive problems, such as heartburn, gas, excessive flatulence and digestive discomfort and unsettling.

Though most OTC (over the counter) butter brands contain Vitamin A - please stick to the healthier choice of carrot munching.

The Butter Test

This is a fun test that we hope will help you learn more about your personal eating habits. This test takes just one day. You may be shocked at what you discover OR pleasantly pleased.

For one day, as you eat and prepare to 'doctor' your food with butter or full blown margarine as your normally would, instead of adding it onto your food, pull your plate, saucer or bowl away and drop it into another container.

A small sealable bowl works great because you can refrigerate the fat and it will still be useable. There is no need to waste products when others may not be able to afford such luxuries.

Throughout the day, continue to add the butter or margarine to your container rather than to your food.

Fats Add Flavor to Foods

Now we have the issue of that unseasoned food. Simply put, fat adds flavor to foods - just like salt, pepper, spices, flavoring and certain stinky vegetables like onion.

So what can you use to replace the butter or margarine? For one day, substitute with reduced-fat margarine. Or you can use the refrigerated 'no calorie butter spray' if you wish. 

About Butter Substitutes

The refrigerated sprays contain zero calories as well as zero dietary fat as long as you stick to the recommended serving sprays.

If you'll examine the food label, the first ingredient is generally soy bean oil - which contains the same amount of calories as most oils, about 120 per Tablespoon.

Therefore, if you enjoy a Tablespoon of the refrigerated spray, you'll be consuming about 120 calories which is more than the 102 calories contained in a Tablespoon of real butter.

The Caloric Values

At the end of the day, examine your Butter Blob. Most variations of butter have about 60 - 100 calories per LEVEL Tablespoon.

So if you love butter, try the whipped versions which contain almost one-half the calories and dietary fat as the solid versions per Tablespoon.

One Tablespoon of whipped butter contains close to 8 grams of total dietary fat - about 5 grams in the form of saturated fat while one Tablespoon of the solid versions of butter containabout 12 grams of total dietary fat with over 7 grams of those derived from saturated fat.

Cutting Fat Intake Such as Limiting Added Butter or Margarine to Foods Can Equal Natural Weight Loss Without Dieting

At the end of the day, measure out how much butter or regular margarine that you would have used with your meals. Use a measuring spoon so that you'll get a more exact total.

Now check the label of the product for caloric content and add up the total amount of calories contained in the holding container that you've measured.

You may discover through this simple test that you're consuming 800 or more calories per day just by using regular margarine or butter.

If you will find smarter methods for seasoning your foods - such as with the light dressings, low fat margarine spreads and your humble spice rack, you won't even need to go on a restricted calorie diet in order to generate weight loss. Dieting Tips Related to Butter  |  Homemade Butter Recipe


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